Escaping This Yearning Escapade

When Laurie Arwen's car gets stolen by former teen heartthrob boyband member, Harry Styles, who had disappeared off the chart years ago and into the streets of drugs, things get wild. Not only does the car get stolen, but Laurie gets stolen as well. Trapped in this car how will Laurie escape from this enraged yet gorgeous and dangerous guy?


2. chapter 2

My alarm I'd set on my phone for 10 a.m. sounds. You're probably thinking, why do you have an alarm set up for 10? That's not even that early... Well excuse you, it's early for me because I can sleep in till 2 and my mother would have to force me out of bed.

I start making my way downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Morning mom."

"Good morning oh and Happy Birthday." She speaks as she flips the omelet she's cooking. Smells good.

"Thanks." My dad isn't home, he works on Saturdays. It's kind of hard not really seeing him. I didn't see him last night because I went to bed early.

"So what are you plans for today?" My mom asks as she serves me my breakfast.

"Well you know how Nate wanted to do something for my birthday?"


"Well he's going to surprise me and take me somewhere I guess. He'll be here at two."

"Sounds fun." she smiles.

When I was little my parents and sister use to wake me up real early in the morning and sing me happy birthday with a little cupcake or piece of bread or whatever we had in the kitchen that day. It was kinda weird with the candle standing in the middle of a loaf of bread usually reading some bazaar number like 4 but it was still a warm family moment.

After I finish with my breakfast I head back up stairs to get ready. I decide to take a shower. I have a feeling today's going to be a long day. After blow drying my hair, I do my makeup and curl my hair in long loose curls.

For my outfit I keep trying to think I have to be "above casual". I decide on a red Lo dress I bought from, don't shoot me, Brandy Melville. Hey I really liked the dress and the color drew me to it, but to be honest I'm not their biggest fan because every teenage girl wears Brandy Melville and there is no originality in anyone's outfits any more. I put on shorts underneath just in case. I wear my matching red high top converse.

As I look in the mirror I feel a little too dressy, even the shoes don't help much. I finally put on my jean jacket and hit my comfort zone. Nathan did say a BIT above the average and I'm wearing a dress so I'll be fine.

I just go on tumblr as I wait for Nate.

Around 2:02 pm the bell rings and I can hear it all the way up here.

"COMINGGG" I yell as I rush down the stairs. I have to say, I'm a bit excited to see what Nate pulled together for me.

When I beat my mother to the door and open it I see Nate in black dress pants and a white button up shirt. "Wow, you look beautiful." He praises as his eyes rake up and down my body. I never really put too much of an effort in my appearance but today's my birthday, I have to give myself credit.

"Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself." I tease.

He greets my mother, "Hello Mrs. Arwen."

"Hi Nate you look handsome, and please we've discussed this before, call me Lauren."

"Sorry Lauren.."

"Don't be."

"Well we better get going." I say, it's getting a bit too awkward for me.

"You two have fun." My mom winks.

"Bye mom." I close the door. Nate walks me to a black Lincoln Town car.

"What's this for?" I ask gesturing to the nice, don't forget expensive, private car with its private driver, he rented me for my birthday.

"18 is a big year." He smiles.

"Aw you didn't have to..."

"But I wanted to." He interrupts. Nate has quite the money. His dad use to be a personal trainer for Wes Welker the professional football player who now plays for the Denver Broncos. His dad and him both share the same passion for football.

"So what are today's plans?" I ask.


"Nope what?" I ask.

"Nope, I'm not telling you."

"Well why not?"


"Because what?" I ask getting irritated.

"It's a surprise." He tells me amusement clear on his face.

"I give up." We both laugh in unison. We talk about the most pointless stuff and how desperate Clara Phills, the most popular girl in our school, is. We have small talk here and there cracking a joke or two. I'm having a real nice time and I sure hope he is too. Celebrating birthdays isn't that bad, especially with Nate.

"We're going to have to stop for gas." He announces.

"But we'll stay inside, it's a bit ghetto in this area."

"Ok.." I say. The driver gets down from the car and disappears into the small shop to pay for our isle.

10 minutes or so pass by and he's still not back.

"What's taking him so long?" I ask.

"I don't know let me check."

"Let me come with you."

"No, the area is shady enough as it is, you stay here and lock the car ok?"


"I mean it Laurie."

"Ok." I sigh. Nate closes the door and goes inside the shop.

A couple minutes pass and neither of them are back. I fight my urge to see what's taking so long. My phone suddenly starts ringing, it must be my mother.

As I reach for my purse which is lying on the floor the car starts moving, fast. What?

So many thoughts cloud my head. Is it the driver? What if it isn't? I didn't get a good look I was bending over to retrieve my purse. Where is Nate? Is he up there sitting with the driver?

Ok chill, I tell myself there has to be a reasonable explanation. I knock on the wall separating the driver from the back of the car.

Nate got a even fancier one that has a wall separating the driver from the guests for some more privacy, but it can still lift up. Where's the button?

I'm kinda scared like I want to shit my pants kind of scared. I need to calm down its probably just Nate and our driver up there with Nate yelling at him for taking so long. I reach for my phone and call Nate. No answer. Perfect.

I try to look outside the window to see where we're going. All I see is trees, it's one of those open roads. What the hell?

"Shit." I swear I hear come from up front

"Hello?" I ask. No answer. What is this? Nate better not be messing with me.

Just then I notice a car behind me closes up, too close. I scream as the car hits the back of the car making it jolt forward. But whoever the hell is driving this car is still driving ? The car goes for a second hit and our car starts speeding up. Oh my God we're going too fast we're gonna crash.

"Into what, you're in the middle of nowhere." my subconscious adds.

"Haha, very funny you caught me now stop the joke." I speak to apparently no one.

The car behind turns into the lane right next to us. It rams into us with full contact and we hit the bank separating the road and trees that lead downhill next to us and I scream again. Why do I keep screaming...I interrupt myself by screaming again, as the car has yet again rammed into us making us hit the bank causing friction as sparks fly. The bank ends and if this car hits us again we're going downhill, literally.

As the car goes for its third round our car has hit its brakes causing the other car to tumble downhill into the trees. I am absolutely horrified, the people driving the other car have to be dead. I need to think straight. Why were those people chasing us, where is Nate, and who the hell is driving this car? Wait the locks, I forgot to lock the car. What if someone else is driving this car.

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