While Mona's heart was changed for good, the blood in her veins still runs evil. This causes her to be severely weakened with a curse of a war between good and evil inside her. On top of that, Laura, Daniel's once best friend, was changed into a demon by Lucifer seemingly to get to Daniel. With everything changed, it's left up to Daniel to save Mona's heart and possibly her life. At least, that's what Daniel thinks.


1. Orange





Mona crouched to the ground, dodging Laura's body which was now hurling through the air into the wall behind them. Dan pressed his back to the opposite wall, slowly sinking to the ground in horror.

"Still getting used to your power aren't you Laura?" Mona teased as Laura sloppily scrambled out of the hole in the wall. She was covered in dirt and drywall. Where Mona was always so smooth and cool, Laura was clumsy and uncollected.

Laura let out another horrid roar and lunged at Mona once more. Mona outstretched both arms, glowing a bright white from her shanta. Once Laura collided with Mona's shanta she let out a scream of pain and fell to the ground. She seemed to be falling unconscious, so Mona turned to Dan. "Daniel go outside." She commanded. Daniel nodded and slowly walked outside. Just then, Laura grabbed Mona's ankle. Laura's shanta was burning an odd orange. Mona let out s shriek of surprise and fell onto her butt. She pulled her ankle out of Laura's grasp and hastily crawled out of her reach. Andy jumped between Laura and Mona, his hands burning blue. "Why don't you bring Daniel back in here, pretty boy?" When Laura spoke her voice sounded of nothing but evil. It was high and shrill, yet had the growl of a lion.

"Why don't you go fuck yourself?" Andy spat back.

Laura let out a screeching laugh. "I love it when you get sassy."

"Oh Daaaaannnnnnyyyy!! Come back here and plaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!" As Laura started to get up off the ground, Mona leaped over Andy and landed right on top of Laura, digging her knees deep into her back. Mona grabbed the back of Laura's neck and leaned over to whisper in her ear. "What do you want with Daniel?"

"You naughty girl. Is that really any of your business?"

Mona said nothing. She just lit her shanta, causing the white glow of her hand to burn into her neck. Laura screamed in pain.

"ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!!" Laura screamed.

As stopped the burn of her shanta Laura sighed in relief. "It's not what do I want with Daniel. It's what LUCIFER wants with Daniel." 

With that Laura disappeared in flames of red, leaving a burn mark on the floor where she lay.

Mona sat on that burn, on her knees. She stretched out and turned over to lay on her back.

"Mona you okay?" Andy asked as he knelt beside her.

"My ankle." She gasped.

Andy lifted her burned pant leg to reveal a hand shaped burn that was almost healed. "What did she do  to you?" Andy asked.

"I don't know. But her shanta when she touched me was orange. Regular demon shantas burn red."

"Couldn't yours burn orange?"

"Yes, but I wasn't a normal demon."  Mona sat up slowly. "There is no way Lucifer granted her that much power. He couldn't have."

"Yes. That would be a stupid move on his part, but this is the devil we are talking about. Changing Laura to a demon is not just stupid, it's cruel. To Daniel. Why did she keep asking for him?"

"She said Lucifer wants him. But what would Lucifer want with Daniel?"

Just then the door opened and Daniel walked into the living room. His face was pale like he had just seen a ghost. "Mona, why would Lucifer make Laura a demon?"

Mona grabbed Andy's arm and got up from the floor, brushing off the ashes from her coat. "I don't know Daniel. That's what we want to find out."  


Mona's voice was now sing songy, like a lullaby. "Sleep Dan. You've been through a lot. Now sleep."

Dan then toppled over onto the floor, asleep.


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