While Mona's heart was changed for good, the blood in her veins still runs evil. This causes her to be severely weakened with a curse of a war between good and evil inside her. On top of that, Laura, Daniel's once best friend, was changed into a demon by Lucifer seemingly to get to Daniel. With everything changed, it's left up to Daniel to save Mona's heart and possibly her life. At least, that's what Daniel thinks.


8. I've Been Better

Daniel was making his way downstairs when he heard Mona screaming. "DAAAANNIEEEL HEEELP! AAAAAAHHH LET ME GOOO!!! DANIEEEL!!!!"

Daniel immediately dashed down the stairs and bursted into Mona's room. By the time he got in Andy had already used his shanta to wake Mona. Andy was powerful enough that he could control whether to wake her up or put her back to sleep. Mona had her arms around Andy and was once again sobbing into his shoulder. "Danny....he got me....Lucifer got me..."

Andy looked up to Daniel. He hadn't slept all night and looked almost as bad as Mona. "This is on you, Dan." He spat.

"Alexandra wants me to tell you to meet in the entryway at 7 for dinner..." Dan mumbled.

"FUCKING GET OUT DAN!" Andy yelled.

Dan turned and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind him. He ran through the entryway and to the big wooden doors that began to slowly swing open. He ran through the doors and into the front yard of the safe house where he tripped and fell to his knees in a deep snow drift. He punched the drift and let out an angry yell. After a few seconds a voice sounded behind him.

"You really fucked shit up, didn't ya Dan?"

Dan turned to see Laura standing behind him, her eyes burning red. "Your not Laura, stay away from me."

"Ouch. That hurt Danny."  Laura said as she took a step towards Dan. 

Daniel scrambled backwards and sank deeper into the snow drift. He clumsily got up to his feet and backed away slowly.

Laura laughed a twisted giggle. "Calm down. It's not like I can hurt you here, not with all these Reapers around."

"Well then leave." Daniel spat.

"Why so cold Danny Boy?" Dan flinched at the name she called him. Mona was the only other person to ever call him that.

"You're not Laura." He stammered.

"Don't be so afraid of me Dan you know me." Laura took another step towards him.

"No I don't. Not anymore."

She walked up to Daniel and stood so close to him that he could feel her hot breathe on his face. It made him want to vomit. Suddenly Laura pressed her lips against Daniels and began to passionately kiss him. Dan didn't kiss back, he tried to pull away. But for some reason he couldn't move a single bone in his body no matter how hard he tried. She pressed her body onto his and wrapped her arms around his neck. She pulled her head away to speak; "Why don't you kiss me back baby?"

"Why don't you go fuck yourself." Andy's voice sounded behind Laura and before Daniel could think Laura was snarling in anger. She now had the same fangs Mona once had and she turned around to face Andy. "Don't you have any other comebacks, pretty boy?" She snarled.

"Yeah I got plenty. I just don't wanna waste them all on you."

There was a loud, deep roar in the back of Laura's throat. All of a sudden. She snapped at Andy. As soon as she snapped it was like something pushed her to the ground. As she lay on the ground whimpering Daniel began regain the ability to move his body.

"You okay?" Andy asked Dan from the doorway of the safe house.

"I'm fine." Dan answered as he walked up to the doorway. "But will she?"

"Yeah. You can't hurt anybody here. That's why it's called a safe house. If you try to there's consequences."

Dan and Andy stood in awkward silence for awhile until Dan broke the silence. "Do you really think that Mona's curse is my fault Andy?"

Andy sighed. "I needed someone to blame for Mona being like this. It was a stupid choice to blame you. You were amazing by helping her. It wasn't your fault there was no way you could have known this would happen I didn't even know this would happen."

"I don't think Mona did either." Daniel muttered. He walked into the safe house and Andy stayed at his side. "What do you think happens to her that causes her to scream like that?" Dan asked.

"Let's go find out." Andy sped up and led Daniel into Mona's room. Mona was covered in a big white comforter and her face was plastered with cold sweat. Her eyes were red from crying and the bags under her eyes were getting darker. She smiled weakly and her eyes had the same glimmer as Alexandra when she saw Daniel walk in. "Hey Danny Boy." She greeted hoarsely.

Dan flinched at the sound of Danny Boy. "Hey Mona. How're you doing?" Dan sat at the edge of her bed and laid a hand on her leg.

"I've been better."

"Me and Danny actually have a question for you." Andy asked as he laid down next to her. "You don't have to answer if you don't think you can handle it."

Mona lifted her eyebrows. "You're not proposing are you?"

Andy laughed. "No Mona. We wanted to know, what happens to you."

"What do you mean? What happens to me when I go out?"

"Yeah. What causes your fits."

She closed her eyes and sighed. "I can't control when I go out. It just happens. For awhile I'm just asleep, nothing happens. Sometimes I can tell hear everything that is going on around me, but normally I'm just having a dreamless sleep." She swallowed hard. "But then I start dreaming. Their always so awful. So real, so absolutely terrifying. I can always feel the pain even though it's not actually happening to me. They always involve one of you, but so far never both. And.." She hesitated. "Lucifer. He's always in them. Every single one. Sometimes he's torturing me, sometimes he's torturing one of you. But he always says the same thing."

"What's that?" Dan whispered.

"You're mine Desdemona. And you always will be."



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