While Mona's heart was changed for good, the blood in her veins still runs evil. This causes her to be severely weakened with a curse of a war between good and evil inside her. On top of that, Laura, Daniel's once best friend, was changed into a demon by Lucifer seemingly to get to Daniel. With everything changed, it's left up to Daniel to save Mona's heart and possibly her life. At least, that's what Daniel thinks.


11. Deep CIrcles

Daniel's jaw dropped. "Well how exactly are we going to do that?" 

Andy turned back to the window and shrugged his shoulders. "We gotta go to hell."

"You're joking right?"

"Do I look like I'm joking?" Andy turned his head back towards Dan and raised his eyebrows. Deep, dark circles had formed under his eyes from not sleeping a blink since Mona was cursed. 

"No Andy you look like you shouldn't even be living."

Andy scoffed and turned back to the window. 

"Go to sleep Andy. Mona would understand."

Andy turned to face Mona and stared at her longingly. 

"I can't just leave her knowing she's suffering Dan."

"So the better alternative is to sacrifice your own well being?"

Andy said nothing.

"I know how much you love her Andy, I love her too. But she needs us to be strong if we are gonna be able to pull her out of this." 

"You're right." Andy muttered without moving his gaze from Mona's sleeping face. "Will you stay with her Dan?"

"Of course I will. Go to bed Andy."

Andy turned and walked out of the bedroom, closing the door gently behind him. 

Dan crawled in the bed beside Mona and yawned. He fell asleep by her side, and both of them slept soundly through the night.

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