Love wasn't enough

Alexia was born with a amazing talent of singing, but keeps it a secret from everyone.
Alexia's stepfather abuses her physically, emotionally, and sexually. Her life has been a train wreck since her mom died three years ago. Will Alexia ever find happiness?


1. Flashback

Alexia's pov

*Three and half years ago* 
"Bye Mom. Have a safe trip."
"Bye sweetie. I'll try my best." 
I hugged my mom for the last time. I watched her drive away until her car dissapeared in the distance. 
*End of flashback*
That was the last time I saw my mom. I now live with my abusive step-father.
"Alexia get your fat ass down here." Speaking of the devil. He's home from work. He either had a bad day or is horny. Either way I'll suffer. I hurried down the stairs to see his horried face. 
"Yes" I had to be polite to him or the punishment would only be worse. 
"Guess what."
"What sir." I don't really care, can you just leave me the hell alone.
"At work I got a call from your school saying that you got in a fight with another chick. Why?"
"Well she was bullying and I wasn't gonna get put down like that." I was telling the truth. Hailey the bitch was being a bitch and I finally had enough so I punched her in the face. 
"Well, that's not how you were raised you ungrateful little bitch." SLAP! My cheecked burned and stung from the slap I encountered. He grabbed my long blonde hair and pulled my up the stairs and into his room where I knew I wasn't gonna get beaten but suffer another rape.

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