Secret Lover

Summer has fallen hard for her bestest friend Harry but she can't tell him! He has a girlfriend and keeps bowing Summer for her!! One day something will happen and he will come to realization! What will happen?


6. Chapter 5

Eleanor's POV 

Me and Danielle were walking around town looking for Summer when we passed an alley! We saw that there was a body laying on the floor not moving. We decided to go see who it was and when we did we realized that it was Summer. She had blood pouring out of her fast from what looked like a stab wound and was covered in bruises. 

Danielle - I will call the ambulance right away! You grab a some sort of fabric and cover the wound to stop the bleeding. 

While she was calling the ambulance, I took of my jacket and pressed on the wound until they came. Once they had put Summer in the back, we were allowed to come in with her. 

----Skip drive to hospital ---

Once we got to the hospital, they rushed straight to the emergency room while we had to wait in the waiting room. 

Danielle - This is all Harry's fault! We need to inform the others and her dad. I will call the others while you call her dad. 

I called her dad's number. 

----Phonecall---- (Summer's dad's name is William so I will be calling him that in the story)

William - Hello!

Eleanor - Hey! Mr Levy, its me Eleanor!

William - Oh hey Eleanor. What's wrong?

Eleanor - Well Summer had gotten upset and she couldn't take it anymore so she ran away.


Eleanor - No she isn't! But when me and Danielle found her in an alley way, she was in a bad state covered with bruises and she had a stab wound. 

William - Please tell me you are joking?

Eleanor - I'm sorry! I am not! 

William - Oh no!! I will get on the first flight back to London right away!! 

----- End phonecalls----

He hung up straight away. Now all we had to was wait. 


----Harry's POV ----

While we were looking for Summer. Danielle called and informed us that they had found Summer but she was in hospital. This is all my fault.

Once we got to the hospital, everyone was there and they were crying. They all loved Summer very much. 

Niall and Marissa were hugging eachother. Zayn and Perrie were crying in eachother's hands. Louis was cradling Eleanor in his arms and Liam and Danielle were bawling their eyes out!! 

Harry - Guys we have to stay strong for Summer

Niall - She was our little sister Un-t-til you had to break her. This is all your fault
Harry - I know it is! I was too busy caught up in love with Britteny. I didn't realize what was happened.

I couldn't take it anymore and I fell to the ground crying. Everyone was too busy crying. 


--- Zayn's POV ----

Its been three hours since Summer was rushed into the E.R. But when it finally was time, the doctor finally came out. Everyone went rushing to him and he starting talking. 

Doctor - Well I can say that Miss Levy was severly abused and stabbed. But there is bad news and good news.

Louis - Please just tell us.

Doctor - Ok Ok! The bad news is that Summer lost a lot of blood and she nearly got have died. The good news is that we gave enough blood but she is in a coma and in critical condition. 

Perrie  Do you know when she will wake up?

Doctor - Maybe in days or weeks or months. But all you have to do is wait.

Liam - Can we visit her? 

Doctor - Yes you can. She is in ICU 34. 

We all rushed to her room. And there she was all bruised. 


So summer is in coma!!

What will happen next?

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