Secret Lover

Summer has fallen hard for her bestest friend Harry but she can't tell him! He has a girlfriend and keeps bowing Summer for her!! One day something will happen and he will come to realization! What will happen?


26. Chapter 23

Author's Note

Hey! Sorry for not updating for a while, I have been really busy with school, parties and family stuff! I have just finished three weeks of my semester 1 exams so I will try to update more often! Thank you for being patient! 



Chapter 23

Harry's POV 

It's morning and I had to get up! I can't believe I have to date Taylor Swift! I am really going to miss Summer as she is the girl of my dreams. I looked to my left and saw Summer sleeping like a baby next to me! I smashed my lips onto her knowing it might be my last for a long time. She starting kissing back! 

Summer - Morning baby!

Harry - Good morning beautiful! Let's spend our last 2 hours together! 

Summer - Ok, you go get in the shower while I make us some breakfast! 

She got out of bed and started walking out of the room in nothing but her underwear but she didn't care. 


Summer's POV 

I know what most people would be thinking of me right now, walking out in the bedroom in just underwear but i wasnt bothered changing. I decided to make waffles for breakfast with vanilla ice-cream and strawberries. I was cooking breakfast until Harry came. 

Harry - It smells so nice!

Summer - I know my cooking is so good!

Harry - I am going to miss us! 

Summer - me too! 

I put our plates down onto the breakfast bar and we started eating. 

Summer - Can we share one last kiss?

Harry - Yes we may!

He pushed me onto the table and started to make out!

We were there making out for about 20 mins until we heard the doorbell. I ran to get changed will Harry opened the door! 

I got changed into high waisted shorts and a bikini top with fringes dangling off it as I felt like going swimming! 

I went downstairs to see the gang!

Summer - Heyyyyy!

All- Hey babe!

Liam - So you heard! 

Summer - Yeah I did!

We were just chatting until we heard the doorbell again! I opened to see.................




Update soon! 


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