Secret Lover

Summer has fallen hard for her bestest friend Harry but she can't tell him! He has a girlfriend and keeps bowing Summer for her!! One day something will happen and he will come to realization! What will happen?


23. Chapter 21

Harry's POV 

I woke up feeling amazing! Last night with Summer was great! I was about to wake Summer up but my phone started to ring!


Harry - Hello!

Zayn - Hey Haz!

Harry - Oh Hey Zayn!

Zayn - I'm just calling you to tell you that we have a meeting with management at 2:30pm! 

Harry - Oh ok! I will be back soon with Summer! 

Zayn - Ok see you soon Harry!

---End phonecall---

Once I hung up, I woke Summer up and we got dressed into our clothes from last night and drove back to Summer's house! One the way back we ordered McDonalds for breakfast, I dropped Summer at her house and I drove back to the house that me and the boys own!

----Skip car drive----

Once I got home, I parked my car in the garage and headed to my room to have a shower! 


----Summer's POV----

When Harry dropped me off back at my house, I went into my room and had a shower, I decided to have a lazy day so I changed into my pink sweatpants with a white tight crop top that stopped about 2cm under my breasts! I went to my living room and called Marissa!


Marissa - Hello!

Summer - Hey rissa!

Marissa - Oh Hey Sum!

Summer - Wanna come over for a lazy day?

Marissa - I will be there in an hour!

Summer - See you then!

---End phonecall---

She hung up! While I was waiting for Marissa, I decided to go through twitter! All I could see was hate written all over my page! 

@harrystyleslover: how can harry date that fat slut called Summer!

@directioner4ever: @summerlevy_official is an ugly slut! she has probably slept with hundreds of guys before Harry!

@barryshipper: I still prefer Harry and Brittany than Summer and Harry! Summer is a slut and a whore! 

After reading the last tweet, I had tears down my eyes! Too my luck, Harry called! 


Summer - He-l-l-o-o!

Harry - Summer what's wrong?

Summer - N-o-th-i-n-g-g

Harry - Yes there is something wrong? I'm on my way to your house now! 

Summer - Harry it's noth-

---End phonecall---

It was too late, he had hung up! 

------Harry's POV------

Once I hung up, I rushed to my car and drove straight to her house! Once I got to her house as quick as I could, I ran to the door and knocked! Summer opened with tears falling down. I ran up to her and hugged her! After a while I carried her into the living room and sat down on the couch and placed Summer on my lap! 

Harry - Baby! What's wrong?

She was crying too hard to talk so she grabbed her phone and showed me the hate on her twitter feed. I was shattered that my fans were doing this! 

Harry - Baby! Don't believe these tweets! You are none of those horrible things. You are beautiful, smart, hilarious, fun, gorgeous, nice, beautiful, charismatic. Those girls are just jealous of you. They have no better things in their life than sending hate! I love you because you are the one for me! 

Summer - I love you Harry! 

I cuddled Summer for while until she stopped crying! 

Harry - Promise me that you wont let hate get to your head! You are way better than those fans! I love you, not Brittany, not Isabella! I love you SUMMER LEVY! 

Summer - I promise Harry! I love you too! 

We hugged for a while until I got a text from Niall!

---Text convo---

Niall - Hey Lad! Where are you? You have 10 mins to get to Simon's office!

Harry - Sorry! I was comforting Summer! I will be there as quick as I can!

Niall - Hurry!

--End Text convo---

I didn't want to leave Summer but I had! 

Harry - Babe! I have to go to a meeting with Simon!

Summer - It's ok Harry! Marissa is coming over any minute!

Harry - Ok Babe! I will see you tomorrow! I love you!

Summer - I love you!

I kissed Summer and drove to Simon's office!


So Summer has been getting hate! 

Lately I have been feeling like no one likes this book! I need your comments on how it is!

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