Secret Lover

Summer has fallen hard for her bestest friend Harry but she can't tell him! He has a girlfriend and keeps bowing Summer for her!! One day something will happen and he will come to realization! What will happen?


20. Chapter 18

Summer's POV 

----3 days later-----

Right now I am on the plane with my dad, Justin and Pattie! We are all sitting infront of the plasma screen TV watching a movie! Me and Justin were cuddling while our parents were just sitting on the comfy armchairs that were separate from eachother! I was cuddling with Justin until I fell asleep! 

----10 hours later----

I was sleeping like a baby, when I felt someone shaking me! I opened my eyes to find Justin trying to wake me up!

Summer - Carry me! 

Justin - Ok I will! 

Before I knew it! Justin carried me bridal style, I tucked my head into his chest and smelled his cologne! We got into the SUV and drove to my house! For 2 weeks, Justin will be staying in the hotel near our house! 

------Skip car drive-----

We got to my house and I ran straight to the door! Once I opened the door, I saw all my friends inside the living room!



I gave everyone a hug but when I got to Harry, I felt sparks shooting through me! Maybe I still have feelings for Summer!


----------Harry's POV ------

When Summer hugged me, I felt sparks shoot through me! I tried to forget about her but my look for Summer has gotten stronger each day! Right now, we were all sitting in the living room when Summer suggested that we should go swimming! 

Isabella - But it's winter!

Summer - Yeah i know but I have an indoor heated pool! 

Since we all practically live here, we all had spare clothes in the guest rooms in Summer's house. All the boys including Justin, got dressed into board shorts. And all the girls got dressed into bikinis! You could immediatley see Summer's scar but she didn't care about it! All I could think of was how beautiful and gorgeous Summer was! Gah! Harry you are dating Isabella! STOP THINKING ABOUT SUMMER! 

Justin went up to Summer and kissed her then he carried Summer and put her onto of his shoulders and ran to the indoor pool! All the boys agreed to do it so they all did this to their girlfriends. All you could hear were the girls screaming!

Girls - PUT US DOWN!


Then once we got to the pool, at the same time we threw the girls into the pool!


---Justin's POV-----

When I threw Summer into the pool, I noticed that she hadn't come up! As quick as I could, I dived into the pool and found her underwater. I carried her and put her onto the floor! I was about to do mouth to mouth when I felt water being squirted into my face!

Summer - Got you! Should have seen your face!

Justin - Don't you ever do that again! 

We kissed and then we played in the pool for a while, then everyone went up to the rooms and took showers. After we got dressed, we went into the theatre room and decided to watch a movie. During the movie, I couldn't stop thinking about Isabella! She looked beautiful! JUSTIN STOP! SUMMER IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND! Please don't tell me I am falling for Isabella! 


----Isabella's POV----

SInce the moment, i saw Justin walk through the door, I couldn't stop thinking about him! 

I might be falling for Justin but I love Harry!

-----Summer's POV-----

I love Justin but I also love Harry!
----Harry's POV----

I love Isabella but I also love Summer!



So these four are being challenged with love!

What do you think is going to happen?

Comment below!


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