Secret Lover

Summer has fallen hard for her bestest friend Harry but she can't tell him! He has a girlfriend and keeps bowing Summer for her!! One day something will happen and he will come to realization! What will happen?


17. Chapter 15

Harry's POV 

Ever since I heard about Summer and Justin dating, I have been feeling a little bit of jealousy! I can't get Summer out of my head! 







I'm dating Isabella!

Arghhh! I need to to talk to Louis about this!


Louis - Hello Carrot King speaking!

Harry - hahaha very funny Lou! 

Louis - Oh hey Hazzy!

Harry - I need to talk to you!

Louis - Sure I'm all ears!

Harry - Ok Well ever since I heard about Summer and Justin dating, I can't help but feel jealousy and all I can think about is Summer- Please don't tell me that I'm falling for her!

Louis - I'm sorry to say but you are falling for Summer but you can't break Isabella's heart AND you can't break Summer and Justin up! So I am suggesting that you need to forget about Summer, maybe go on a holiday for a week and lose all connection with Summer or everybody! This way you could possible forget about her!

Harry - That's a very a good idea! Where do you get these ideas from?

Louis - It's a gift! Anyways I have to go Eleanor needs some Louis time! Bye Harry!

Harry - See ya Louis! Use protection!

--------------End phone call------------------

I'm guessing Louis is right! I'm going to get on the planning right this minute!

------------Summer's POV--------

The next morning I woke up early since I had to go to an interview with my dad! I went into the bathroom and had a shower! I got out and put on some red lace lingerie! Then I decided to straighten my hair and braid my bangs! I put on some sparkly make up! Then I decided to wear a white singlet top with a red skater skirt that went to my mid thigh and a black blazer on top! To top it all off I put on my black heels and grabbed my white clutch! I then went into the living room where my dad was and we headed to his Lamborghini!


-----Skip car drive-----


We got to the studio were my dad was going to be  interviewed and instantly the lady who was going to interview us came up to us! Oh Boy you tell me she looked like a slut! She was dressed in a tight skirt that you could nearly see her ass in and she was a crop top that look more like a bra and you could see her breasts if she bent a 1cm down! Her hair was bleached blonde and her face was caked with make up! She instantly started flirting with my dad and I could sense he was uncomforatable! 

Finally the interview started!

Interviewer - Welcome to the show William Levy!

My dad walked in and sat in the arm chair! Then the questions came!

Interviewer - So how have you beeen?

William - I have been really good!

Interviewer - That's good! So when is your new movie coming out!

William - I really want to say but I want to keep it as a secret! I love to surprise my fans!

Interviewer - Indeed you do! So lately this has been on everyone's mind! Why did you disappear for a month?

William - Well I was here in Cancun filming my new movie when I had gotten a phone call from one of my daughter's bestfriends saying that Summer was in hospital. I left straight not caring about the film, I just had to see my baby girl! So when I got back to London, in the hospital, I was informed that Summer was serverly abused and stabbed. She had lost a lot of blood and that put her in a coma for a month. I didn't leave her side at all through that month!

Interviewer - Such a touching story! Infact is Summer here today?

William - Yes she is!

Interviewer - Well lets bring her to the stage! Everyone welcome Summer Levy!

I walked in and greeted the interviewer and sat on my dad's lap! 

Interviewer - So Summer, how are you after the accident?

Summer - I am slowly recovering, unforunatley I am stuck with a scar for the rest of my life!

Interviewer - Oh don't worry about it! Think of it as a battle scar!

Wow! This interviewer\slut had some brains!

Summer - Thank you! I will remember it!

Interviewer - So how are you and your dad?

Summer - We are doing great! It's great for him to be back with me again! I missed him so much!

The interview went for a while and then it finished!

Me and dad sat in Lamborghini and went to the restaurant where we will be meeting Justin and his mum! 


So Harry is starting to fall for Summer!

Next few chapters will have more love and drama!

Just to let you know, I'm on my summer break at the moment so I don't know when I will be updating since I will be hanging out with people everyday but I will try to update everyday or every second day!

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