Secret Lover

Summer has fallen hard for her bestest friend Harry but she can't tell him! He has a girlfriend and keeps bowing Summer for her!! One day something will happen and he will come to realization! What will happen?


16. Chapter 14

Harry's POV

Right now the gang is sitting in the living room waiting to skype chat Summer. She told us that she had a surprise for us! All of sudden, I hear skype ringtone

I press accept!

All - Hey Summer!

Summer - Hey!

Louis - What's your surprise?

Summer - Ok ok calm down! I will tell you in a minute! But first how are you all?

All - Good

Summer - That's great! Now time for my surprise!

Niall - Hurry up!

Summer - ok ok! Well I -

Perrie - Come on!

Summer - IamdatingJustinbieber

Harry - Say it slowly!

Summer - I am dating Justin Bieber!


Summer - Yep I am serious! JUSTIN COME OVER HERE! 

Justin came into the camera!

Justin - Hey lads! Hey ladies!

Niall - Hey biebs! How are you man?

Justin - I'm great ever since Summer came into my life!

When I heard, that Summer was dating Justin, I felt a ping of jealousy come over me! I can't be falling for Summer! She is like my little sister and I have Isabella! 


--------Summer's POV-------

After the skype chat me and Justin decided to go swim in the pool! I got dressed into my neon pink bikini and put on a maxi sundress and took my phone and towel with me! Once I was done, I went out to the living room to see Justin already dressed and waiting for me! We headed down to the private pool that my dad had rented out for his stay! 

I took of my sundress that showed my bikini! Justin was starring at me!

Justin - Since when did you get a belly button piercing?

Summer - I got it pierced when I was 14

Justin - Wow! Lets go to the spa!

We went to the spa and sat down! 

We talked for a while until we had to go back to our rooms. We grabbed our things and Justin walked me to my room and then he left for his. Once I walked into the hotel room, I spotted my dad sitting in the living room! 

William (Summer's dad) - Hey babygirl!

Summer - Hey daddy! 

William - Want to go have dinner together? 

Summer - Ok daddy! I will be ready in 30 mins!

I went to go get ready! I went to have a shower and once I was done, I put on some lingerie and started on my hair! I curled my hair in loose curls and put on a flowery head piece and then I put on some natural make up! I decided on a light purple casual high low dress and put on some silver heels and grabbed my silver clutch! I went out of my room to find my dad dressed nicely!

William - Darling you look gorgeous! 

Summer - You don't look too bad daddy!

We laughed and then went down to the lobby! Once we went down there and outside, I had spotted a Lamborghini outside.

Summer - Dad! Are you serious?

William - Yes I am serious infact, this is my car for my stay in Cancun! You like it?

Summer - No i don't like it!

He frowned!

Summer - I love it!

William - I am glad you love it! I love to spoil my daughter!

He kissed my forehead and then we got in the car and starting driving to the restaurant! 

-----------William's POV-------

I'm glad, I can spend time with my babygirl! She has been my number 1 priority ever since she was born! We got to the restaurant and went to sit at a table, we ordered and started talking! 

William (Summer's dad) - So I've heard that you are dating a certain someone?

Summer - Yeah I am dating Justin!

William - I will have to meet him soon and give him the talk!

Summer - hahaha please don't scare him away! Please dad, he is my first real boyfriend and I love him!

William - Ok calm down! -- Wait he is your first boyfriend? I thought with those looks that you got from me, you would already have had hundreds of boyfriends.

Summer - Well I do have guys ask me out but I know they are just using me to get their 15 mins of fame! I guess Justin loves me for me! 

We were talking for a while until our food came. Once we finished, we ordered our desserts. I wanted to spoil her so badly so I decided to tell her!

William - Well tomorrow, I have an interview and I really want you to be apart of it and then me, you and Justin can have dinner together! is that ok?

Summer - Dad I would love to! 

We ate our desserts and then drove back to the hotel where we feel asleep! 


I guess this chapter was long!

So summer's dad is meeting Justin?

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