Secret Lover

Summer has fallen hard for her bestest friend Harry but she can't tell him! He has a girlfriend and keeps bowing Summer for her!! One day something will happen and he will come to realization! What will happen?


12. Chapter 11

Harry's POV

When Summer told me that she was leaving me for a month to go to Cancun! My heart shattered. I'm going to miss her so much! But Isabella will distract me from missing Summer. 


---Summer's POV---

I woke up early the next day at 4 am to get ready for my flight! I decided to dress into a loose crop top and sweatpants with my all white converse! I got down around 4:15 am and had breakfast. Dad was up really early putting our suitcases in the limo! I kissed him on the cheek and went to sit in the limo! Then we were off to the airport 

---Skip car drive---

We got to the airport and got checked in then we went into the private jet were we would be on for a 10 hour flight. 

William (Summer's dad) - Are you ready darling?

Summer - Yeah i am!

For the next 2 hours we spent talking about our lives and it was good to have my dad back! I was laying on his lap while he was playing with my hair! I fell asleep during the flight on my dad's lap! 


------William's POV---- (Summer's Dad)

I felt like I had gotten a lot closer with my daughter during this flight! I love her too much that no one can take her away from me!

---8 hours later---

William - Darling Wake up! We are here!

She didn't want to walk up so I just carried her out of the plane and into the car. Once we got to the hotel, I laid her down in her room and then went into mine! I laid down on my bed and I started thinking about life and Summer!



Sorry for a crappy chapter!! 

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