The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


22. Chapter Twenty-Two.

Tonight take me to the other side. -Jason Derulo. 


"I am okay with giving you a chance as long as you explain everything to Jenny and talk to her. I think after everything you put her through she deserves to o know why you did it. " I tell him and he nods his head. "What would I explain to her though? For example."He replies and I shrug. "I am pretty sure she has loads of questions to ask. " I state and he nods his head. "Alright. Will I get a kiss as an encouragement? " he pouts and I laugh. I lean into him and kiss the corner of his lips not letting myself touch his lips with mine. He smirks and grabs the back of my neck turning his head towards me attacking my lips himself. I smile and grab the back of his neck. "The sooner you talk to her the better for both of us." I tell him and wink . He grins and leans back down again. "Nope." I put a finger on his lips pushing myself back away from him. "Now go." He groans but stands up and leaves. I sigh and look down. 

Jenny told me that Anto saw her arms yesterday.I am happy for it, because there's gonna be another person who knows along with me. I know Ian knows about my ones but I am not showing them to him, not now anyways. What if he is going to run? I mean he can possibly have a slight idea of how big they're, but I don't think he is thinking about DEEP cuts, and as much as I hate to admit it my ones are all deep. I stand up and decide going to the park to see if  there's anything there to do, me and Jenny decided to meet up at 4 which is in an hour and I spent all day with Ian. I walk to the football pitch and notice Anto with the guys. He notices me and runs over dropping the training all together. "Hi." he says breathing heavily I nod my head and sit down on the dumped table tennis table.He plops down beside me. "I wanted to talk to you about Jenny's arms." He mumbles and I nod my head. In the end I find out that he wants to make her stop but he doesn't know how to, I suggest a few ways and he agrees on some, other's he doesn't get. 

"Where is she herself?" he asks smiling and I chuckle. "Talking to Ian probably. I asked him to talk to her." He frowns. "Oh." " Don't be afraid, its kinda and Ian are kinda together now?" I say and he looks at me wide eyed. I smile and shrug. "So no one is touching your Jenny. " 



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