The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


26. Chapter Twenty-Six.

Okay before starting: erm, this contains sexual context? Gosh..This is going to be so awkward. haha. 


Tonight, take me to the other side. -Jason Derulo. 



Me and Ian decide to give them two privacy and left their flat quietly, since when we checked up on them they were both asleep cuddled up beside each other. So I am pretty sure they will be alright and they won't need us any time soon. We go to Ian's house since I am not in the mood to go to my one again, I hate being stuck in the house. I feel like the walls are suffocating me. 

We enter his house and he smirks. "No one is home. Its just us." He says and I give him a smirk back and I rub my hands up and down his chest. "Oh really?" I keep my hands somewhere around his area and he looks at me biting his lip. "Fuck." He groans and I smirk. I grab him by his hand and drag him up the stairs with me. I push him down on his bed and sit on top of him grinding my hips on him making an innocent face. "You know. I am not sure if I am quiet ready yet." I say and tease him and he groans again and flips us over so he is on top of me. He tugs on my shirt and I lift my arms up letting him take my shirt off revealing my black lace bra the one me and Jenny bought together the other day. He smirks and rubs his hands all over my chest. "Ian likey." He says and I laugh.I flip him over and  I lift his shirt up a bit and trail kisses from his neck down to his v-line.  I finally take his shirt off and smirk down at him. "Never did I thought that you have a nice body." I say and he rolls his eyes. I take his jeans off him slowly and reveal his red boxers. "you know red doesn't look good on you O think I take it off. " Without letting him reply I take his boxers off him and lean down to give his little buddy a little welcome.I parted my lips and wrapped my tongue around the head of his dick, letting my lips close over it. 

He groans loudly and I smirk taking him in even deeper until the front of his dick hit the back of my throat. I moan and that causes him to twitch in my mouth. I squeeze his balls a bit and he grabs my hair bringing me even lower on his dick. I pull away and wipe the corners of my mouth. "God." he breathes out and sits up helping me get rid off my pants too, leaving me just in my panties and a bra. "Now I think we should get rid of this too." he says and un claps my bra and I manage to take my underwear off myself. "I think I owe you something back for what you just did to me." He mumbles and kisses me on the lips before starting to lowering his lips lower and lower down my body. He leaves a kiss on one of my boobs and I moan gripping his hair bringing him closer to them. He enters one finger into me and I moan again this time even louder. I start moving my hips in one motion with his fingers until he pulls them out. I groan at the loose of contact and he smirks. He leaves kisses down my stomach, my hips, down there he stops, he kisses me right there and I moan lifting my hips up in the air. He sticks his tongue out and gives me a long lick down there, I close my eyes tightly. He is the first guy to ever do this to me. 

After 5 minutes of him repaying back to me as he called it he stops and brings his lips back to mine I kiss him roughly and grab the back of his head roughly. He groans into the kiss and I can feel him entering me. I groan when I feel him feeling me in and dig my nails into his back roughly  making sure to leave some scratches there while, he is leaving a hickey on my neck marking me there. I could feel myself tighten around him and my eyes roll back to the back off my head. He bites roughly on my neck and I feel him twitch inside me, which sends me completely over the edge. After I drop down from my high I feel him cumming in me. I hug him around his neck bringing him closer. "Fuck." I whisper and he kisses me right on the lips. "I think I'll never forget this in my life." He whispers back and pulls out of me. 

Let me tell you this, that wasn't the finish of our fun for the day. 


Ehem,,,I feel awkward? I did write SOME parts, other parts I needed help with so I read them on the internet and corrected them so they would suit the story so basically this has been written by me fully. anyways, I god, I don't even know.

I am shite at sex scene. Have a lovely read tho. haha. 


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