The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


24. Chapter Twenty-Four.

We're gotta fight, fight, fight for this love. -Cheryl Cole.


"So what you up to today?" I ask Ian on the phone, I am using my mom phone for now so I at least can contact people. "Me and the lads are going to the park to have a game of football." I hear shuffling on the other end and I smile when I hear my little sister and Jenny giggling in the other room. I woke up Jenny early this morning for her to come over to stay with me and Alice while my mom is out shopping once again, so right now while they're killing each other I am on the phone to Ian. "Whose with you?" I ask and make myself a cup of plain coffee. "Anto,Darren, and so on." he replies and I chuckle. "Me and Jenny might come over in about an hour or so. we have to babysit for a bit longer." I say. "Sure. Can't wait. See ya later." He says and I hung up smiling. 

In about an hour and half when my mom finally, decides to come back home me and Jenny decide to go to the park straight away. "He didn't even bother texting me today." She says and scoffs loudly. "You're like one of those stupid annoying couples, all I see is hearts from yous both on each others walls, is so annoying. "I say and she slaps me playfully, sticking her tongue out. 

"Are you fucking kidding me right now?" Jenny asks and I look at her confused. I look towards where she is staring and I notice their gang and some girls with them. I think they forgot how to dress too, because their tops look like stripes of material, and their shorts are literally up their ass. Anto is standing there and to me he looks a bit uncomfortable since one of the girls, looks totally wasted and she is literally grinding on him in front of everybody. "Hi guys." Jenny exclaims and Anto turns back quickly. "Hi baby girl." he says and she glares at him. "I think you need to get rid of that snail on you who knows which diseases you're catching on now." She spats and he looks at her confused. She turns back to everybody who are trying way too hard not to laugh. "I am very happy I am entertaining to you all." She says and sits down beside Robert. Ian walks to me and kisses me on the lips. "What is going on here?" I ask him and he shrugs his shoulders. "They were here when we came and they wouldn't leave us alone. Apparently the one who is on Anto's dick had something with him." he explains and grins. I shake my head and chuckles. "so stupid." I say and he nods his head leaning down again. I pull away after about ten seconds and plop down beside Jenny. "Seriously he is not even fucking pushing him away." She exclaims and frowns. "Jenny." I say and look at her sternly. "Will you's get rid of this slut?" I ask the lads and Anto looks at us weirdly. "What has been wrong with you two today? Looks like someone bit you two in the ass." He jokes and Jenny quickly stands up. "Are you actually fucking kidding me right now? I came here after you didn't even bother texting me today, while I did fucking text you straight away and I notice you being grinded on by some random chick. and you're not even pushing her away and now it looks like you're picking he side." She yells at him and he groans. "don't curse and yell at me." he says and she pushes him. "Jenny calm down, it was all good with us, " he starts but she cuts him off. "No, it hasn't! We're together for 2 days you don't know how it is between us because you're already picking everyone over me. Not like this was considered as dating in the first place anyways." She screams and Anto shuts up immediately after her last sentence. She storms off and I look at Anto. He frowns and looks down to the ground. "Anto she didn't mean it. She is just very mad. I'll go talk to her I'll tell you what she says." I tell him and smile at him, and he nods slightly. Ian grabs my head. "Wait you're actually going to go after her instead of being with me for the day?" I look at him as if he has 6 heads. "She needs me more than you do now." I tell him and he shakes his head in disbelief. "I can't believe you're picking friendship over relationships." He says and I roll my eyes. "She has been here with me through everything you're here or me, for a day." I say and leave fast. 

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