The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


25. Chapter Twenty-Five.

Together, through the storm. -Justin Bieber. 


I sign annoyed when I hear Jenny's ringtone "Unconditionally by Katy Perry" starts ringing again. I roll my eyes and look at her, she however doesn't even flinch and continues on laying on her bed and staring at the wall in front of her. "You sure it's not time to answer the poor lad?" I ask her and she completely ignores me. I groan annoyed completely by now and answer her phone for her. He was about to say something when I cut him off ."She doesn't really want to talk to you right now." I say and he signs. "Listen I don't know what I did . I honestly don't.  I know that one moment she was walking happy and another she started screaming her head off at me and I am so confused right now? I called her about 50 times she won't reply. She is on her Facebook but she won't reply to me at all." he mumbles and I smile. "I think she just needs a bit of time. She overreacts like this a lot, you'll get used to her mood swings, I am by now, she snaps at me a lot and I snap back and all but I know why she does it. Its her depression kicking in at those times. Its called bipolar disorder one moment she is completely happy, next she is sobbing her heart out. The hospital didn't tell her she has one, but by the looks of it I think she is developing it. And you just have to get used to it and live through it. " I explain and he stays silent for a while. Jenny huffs annoyed and mumbles something like 'I don't have one' but I just stay silent waiting for Anto's reply. 

He finally replies. "You know sometimes I really wonder why I got myself in this mess. I mean I didn't know what I was getting into until that day I saw them and now I find out she has some mood problems too and I really don't know how I'll be able to cope with it but at the same time I know I have to try because I know she is still the same Jenny I fell for about a year and half ago, she still is the same bubbly girl only with a bit of difficulties on her shoulders."He says and I can totally feel the mood he is in. "Did she cry?" He questions and I sign. "Yeah. I had to calm her down and right now she looks like she is about to fall asleep so I think it's all okay with her. She didn't do anything bad or anything "I say and he sighs again. "That's good. I should probably get going. Oh and Ian asked me to tell you that he is sorry, since you weren't answering his calls either." He says and hangs up on me. "He is sorry for what he did you know. "I tell Jenny and she looks at me. "He should be. " She says and I look at her. "I think you're over reacting. He was worried about you since you weren't replying and he asked if you cried." I point out and she smiles a bit but when shakes her head. "I am just after all of this I won't be able to trust him fully. I'll be afraid that every time he is not with me or talking to me he is with someone else." He says and bursts out crying all over again. I sigh and scoot closer to her, rubbing her back 'shhing' her. She starts hiccuping and I smile slightly. "I think you should get a bit of sleep. " she nods her head and I cover her with a duvet and walk out of her room. 'I think you should come over to hers. -P.' I sent to Anto and he replies with 'why' straight away. 'You'll see for yourself.' I send him and I don't get a reply back at all.

I sip my coffee in her living room, thank god her family is not home or there would be loads of questions asked. I hear a knock on the door and I hurry to the door to open it. Instead of seeing only one guy I see two. "Why are you here?" I ask Ian and he shrugs his shoulders. "I wanted to say sorry for being a dick earlier." He says and I let them both in. "She is upstairs in her room. She fell asleep about ten minutes ago." I tell Anto and he nods his head walking upstairs to her room. As there's no screaming in the next few minutes I realise that she either didn't wake up or she is not mad at him anymore. " I am not mad at you by the way. " I tell Ian and he brings at me bringing me closer to his body hugging me tightly. 

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