The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


28. Chapter Twenty-Eight.

And you know its never simple, never easy. -Taylor Swift. 


"How is she?" I ask Paulina when she comes out of the room Jenny was in. "Okay. She is crying a bit, but I think she is just guilty for what you and me saw and all. " She explains and I cover my face with my hands. "Is it deep? I didn't really have time to notice." I ask and she plops down beside me. "Its deep-ish. Bigger than the rest of them for some reason. I don't know what was going on in her head at the moment.They're making her get stitches so it would heal better. " She explains and I shake my head, confused as to why she did it. "Why would she do something like that? Was it because of something I did?" I mumble and she hugs me tightly."Anto she does it because she wants to punish her for something that she thinks in her head. No one knows why she does it sometimes even she doesn't. Trust me on that one it's no one's fault.  Don't be too harsh on her. And on yourself. " She says rubbing my back and I just close my eyes since I couldn't see anything through my eyes anyways. 

"She'll probably have to stay here. They're seeing this as a suicide attempt. " She says when we pull away and I shake my head. "What if I didn't find her?" I ask and she smiles sadly. "I don't know. Don't think like that. I think you should go see her." She says and I nod my head standing up walking to the door, I knock slightly, and come on silently. She looks up at me and smiles a bit showing me her barely noticeable dimples again. "They want to make me stay here." She whispers and bites her lip. "Do ya have to?" I ask her and she shrugs her shoulders. "Well I gave them a fake number to call for my parents so they won't be able to reach them. And unless someone decides to randomly become my guardian and promise them to look after me. I am stuck here." She explains shrugging her shoulders. I bring her closer to me and give her a kiss on the forehead. "Well since I am 18 I can say I am your guardian, you know. " I say and she smiles at me. I notice that her skin is back to her usual blushing self and not the pale girl I found today. 

"Does it hurt?" I ask her running my fingers up and down the bandage on her arm. She nods her head. I kiss the bandage and she smiles again. "I am supposed to be drinking pain killers for it to hurt less." she mentions and I nod my head. "You really scared me today. I thought it was all my fault since we got into a fight. And then I found you and the blood wouldn't stop and I didn't know what to do." I say and look down at our hands avoiding her green eyes. "I am really sorry for what I did today." She says and kisses me on the cheek.

"Is Paulina mad at me?" She whispers and I look at her confused."Of course she is not. She is worried too. " I tell her and she nods her head leaning her head on my shoulders, she keeps on yawning and I smile leaning back to lean on a wall. "When are they letting you go home?"I ask her and she looks up at me. "I'd say soon. " she says and looks back down. "Can you stay with me for the night?" She asks and I reply quickly. "Sure." 

When the doctor comes back in, I have to go back the hall. I sit down beside Paulina and she smiles at me. "Is she okay?" she questions . "Yeah she was scared you'll be mad at her." I reply and she shakes her head. "She is afraid of people getting mad at her because she thinks they're gonna be disappointed in her." She explains and I nod. "I think you should stay over at hers tonight too. She asked me if I wanna, stay at hers. But I think you should too. It'd make her feel better." I say and she nods her head. "I'll stay. I just need to take a few things at my house." 

When its about 10 pm the doctor finally lets us take her out of the hospital after making me promise to him that I am gonna look after her and make her drink the pills. She has to come back to the hospital to see the therapist sometimes too, which upset her a lot. 

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