The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


20. Chapter Twenty.

I can't live with or, without you. 


Since my outburst of feelings and honesty with Ian in the shopping centre yesterday me and him have been chatting non stop on Facebook .I like it. He's been using all those cute ,cheesy lines on me and even though I am not the type of romantic girl who loves when a guy says something like: Do you have a map? Because I got lost in your eyes, I do let an occasional soft laugh escape over a new line he sends me. 

I want to talk to Jenny today too, seems like her and Anto are going to get together soon, well by the looks of it. I wanna ask her if she'll be okay with me and Ian. She hasn't really mentioned him a lot lately. Well only in sentences like "Anto makes me forget about Ian." and so on. So I am taking this as a good sign. I sigh and look down at my wrist and smile at the ribbon he tied for me yesterday. I run my fingers across it and grin. 

Me and Jenny are gonna talk when we're going shopping today, to town, that's in about an hour and eight minutes. She has been texting me all morning about how excited she is, I think she has a date today and that's why we decided to go shopping for her new outfit, I am actually sure Anto is gonna dislocate his jaw when he sees her today. I am good at making guys drool, let's just say that. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We are in Forever 21 by now and I am making Jenny try on this very tight dress which is red, Anto's favourite colour, along with some nude heels. Good part about the dress, which Anto is going to absolutely love, is it doesn't need any bra's worn under it. She didn't want to try it on first because apparently 'it's too short.' Duh that's why I picked it out."Are you okay?"She asks me from behind a curtain and I raise my eyebrows. "Yeah, why?" I ask her and I am actually worried she knows what's going on before I even told her. "You seem a bit off today." she replies and pulls on the curtain coming out from the changing room. "So how does it look?" She asks and twirls around showing it to me from all the profiles. "Amazing. He is going to love it. I am not sure about the heels tho I don't think they're really your style, we can look for heels. But the dress you definitely have to take it." I sa and she giggles. "Alright I'll take it." She goes back to the changing room. "I hope he'll like it. "  I chuckle and shake my head. I know he is going to like it. 

We are going to the TopShop now to see if they have any cute heels, and then we're gonna look for lingerie. You have to be prepared in every place, right? 

I decide to tell her now but she runs off towards the shoes section. "Ohmygod. Paulina look at them. They're perfect!" She squeals and I look down at the shoe she is holding in her hand. They're white and at the front of the shoe it has a red stripe, so I'd say they would look good with her dress. "Yeah try them on, see if they're comfortable." I suggest and she goes towards the couch. Must be her size then. I stand beside her and decide to tell her now. "Jenny?" I say and she looks up. "Mhhm?" I bite my lip. "What would you say about me giving a chance to Ian now? Since you're sort of with Anto now." I say and she looks at me wide eyed. But then she breaks into the grin. "Yes. Totally go for it. I don't really mind. Like actually I don't even feel any sort of jealousy over you and him anymore, like you know before that I used to be both happy and jealous over yous, but now I am just happy. He is a nice lad, and he deserves a chance and all. Ohmygod imagine that if you's get together, we can go on double dates, and do movie nights, and sleepovers."She squeals and I burst into a loud laugh. "The shoes look good I think you should take them, your suggestion though, I am not really that type of girl." I point out and she shows me her tongue. Very mature. When we're walking out Jenny notices something and skips off fast. Must of noticed something she likes again. "Paulina come over here. don't faint though." She says and I walk towards where she is. And gasp. She is holding a black long sleeved lace dress which has tight top and an opened back which stops right at my waist and a very puffy ballerina type of skirt. The skirt has a few layers to add on a volume to it. One word to describe it? Perfect. I grab it from her and smile. "I have some money with me. If I buy it I'll spend all of my money. Should I?" I ask her and she nods her head furiously. "YES. Its like your perfect dress. Ian is gonna like it." she says and smiles. I smile and we both go to pay. Then we make our way to the lingerie shop. "Which colour?" I ask her and she puts a finger to her lips. "Mm, baby pink, or white." She says and I nod my head looking around. I spot something cute and walk over to it. "How bout this one?" I ask her and she looks at it. "Its cute I don't know though. Would it look good?" She questions frowning slightly. "Try it on?" I suggest and she mumbles an 'okay.' But then she smirks. "I am making you buy something on too. Wait here." She says and gives me her bags to hold. "There." She says and shows me what she got. Its a black set of lingerie its silk and see through in some places has red bows on it and along with the set comes a pair of stocking holders. I take it and roll my eyes. "I don't have to try it on? " I ask her and she nods her head. "I don't mind your choice but you do have to buy it!" She says and goes to the fitting rooms. I stand beside the wall and realise that I am spending my last money on something I'd wear for Ian. "I don't know Paulina."I hear Jenny mumble and I open the curtain without asking her permission. I smile at her. I can see all the scars on her body but it does look good on her. "Why not?" I ask her and she nibbles on her lip. "Because of them all." She points down at her thighs where the most visible ones are and I smile at her. "I think you should tell him about them. And you definitely have to get the underwear. He's gonna love it. " I say and when I come out of the fitting room I sing " On the floor of his bedroom.."Jenny groans and I laugh. 

Can't believe she actually let me and him, give it a go. 

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