The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


12. Chapter Twelve.

A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather, I was praying that you and me might end up together. 


I couldn't sleep all night. I kept on thinking back to what had happened in 'Quinns' between me and Paulina and for fuck's sake it drove me so excited that I couldn't even keep the smile off my face, so I just layed on my bed for hours staring at the neon stars on my ceiling which are there in the first place because of her and smiling like a lunatic. Thank god no one walked in to my room, because I am pretty sure they'd send me to a therapist to check my mental health. Phychiatrist, I heard Paulina wants to do it after she finishes school. Well if she'd check my mental stability, I sure as hell wouldn't mind. 

I groan when I hear my phone ringing. I answer without looking at the caller ID. "Hey mate." I hear Anto's voice and I roll around on a bed so I'm laying on my tummy and I feel like punching someone due to the stiffness in my back. "What's up?" I reply and he chuckles. "Jenny is still at my house, and she is still sleeping, and yesterday she was begging me to undress for her on the way to my house, and I swear to God if she wasn't drunk I'd actually think she likes me or something. And then she woke up during then night and asked me to cuddle her because her tummy hurt. I felt like peeing my bed from happiness." Anto rushes all off his thoughts out, and I laugh at his last sentence. "Seems like you's had a fun night." I reply and he hums. "What about you and Paulina?" he questions and if I was a girl I'd be rolling around bed, giggling, squealing, clapping my hands and nearly fainting right now, but I do feel a blush coming up to my cheeks. "We kissed and all. Got to feel her body up and all, nothing as fun as your night though." I laugh and he follows. "I'd expect Paulina to slap you around after that." He states and I chuckle. "I think she really wanted to, but I am pretty sure I kept her hands a bit busy, you know." I reply and he cracks up loudly. "And?" he drags off the d and I smile. "Just made out ya know, I asked her if she wanted to go to mine, but she said no and told me she is comfortable enough. So I didn't push her or anything. But god the way she can touch just the right places." I groan and Anto chuckles. "Don't make me jealous of your sex life." He replies and I laugh. 

When we finally get off the phone. I finally get out of my bed. And get dressed. Simple grey sweatpants and a sweatshirt I am not planning on going out today or anything but I have to get dressed or my mum will hang me off the roof by my balls. I run down the stairs, make myself a quick breakfast and get on the Facebook app on my phone. 'Had the best night in Quinns so far :) ' I put this as my status and go onto Paulina's page, to see if she is on or not and to check if she has anything new there. A photo with Jenny from yesterday, its a photo of them in full heights and god I am so downloading this later on. They are both in the similar dresses which hug their bodies perfect which I haven't got time to notice yesterday. Its perfect length,tights and lace,  the only difference is Paulina's dress is black and Jenny's one is baby pink. They do look great. As for the shoes they have heels on, Paulina has leather and studded ones and Jenny has white one with a pink bow at the front. I am pretty sure their make up is the same as always, and Paulina's hair are fully curled while Jenny's ones are only curled at the ends. 

I send the link to Anto and he quickly replies with 'Damn.Think I found my new wallpaper' I close the chat window and I see that Paulina is online but I am doubting texting her. Would she even reply? If she doesn't I am gonna smash my head against the wall. I think and send her a simple 'Hey' .

She has to reply after yesterday shouldn't she?..



Paulina's Outfit:

Jenny's Outfit:



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