The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


3. Chapter Three.

1,5 ago.

"Well its not like you and me will ever happen!' She sends me and I can feel my heart dropping down to my toes...Ouch that hurt, really really bad. This is the first time a girl rejected me. And when I say this i mean it, it fucking hurts. 

"And why not? " I reply back and nibble on my lip while looking at her screen seeing: Paulina is typing... "I like you Ian, i really do but I can't let us get together when i know my best friend has the biggest crush on you.So for her own sake i am hiding my real feelings, from everybody even myself." I read it and groan loudly. Are you fucking kidding me? i mumble under my breath and i feel like pushing my head through the wall of my room. Jenny, this Jenny that. This didn't even fucking involve her. If she wanted Paulina to be happy she'd fucking let her get with anybody she wanted. 

I reply something to her not even seeing what i am typing and quickly log out of my account. When she said she likes me too..Oh God I swear my heart flipped about millions of times in a minute. I am sure its not healthy. I start looking through my stuff in the room until I find the decorated envelope.

Its a letter from Paulina. Well its supposed to be from Jenny's point of view but since Paulina wrote it all I consider it hers. I grin at the teddy bear couple on the front of the envelope and take the letter out. And read over it about millions of ties i am almost sure I know every single word off by heart.

But my heart drops when i see "with love from Jenny " written down at the bottom of the page. How I wish it said Paulina. Don't get me wrong I don't hate Paulina's friend its just I'm blaming her for not letting Paulina date me. I know it seems like I am blaming her for my own mistakes but it is true, Paulina did say its because Jenny has this crush on me. I've never really told her that she has no chance but I did drop hints, i just think she doesn't get it. 

I smile slightly, and put the letter back into its place again. I lay back on my bed and stare at the ceiling. If only she wasn't that complicated. But then she wouldn't be Paulina. I smile again and chuckle slightly. She is one of those girls who has to have everything in place, she has her future planned out, she looks after people she loves, she acts like a mother in certain situations, she is supportive. If only I was one of those people she loved and cared. 


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