The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


32. Chapter Thirty-Two.

Forever is a long time, but I wouldn't mind spending it by your side. 


We all decided to head out for a little breakfast in town before Ian has to run to his work. Jenny ends up wearing my hoodie which is way too big on her and a pair of pink flowery leggings with pink vans and I smile at her. Paulina on the other hand decided to show a lot. She is in her favourite pair of heart patterned navy shorts, along with the boyfriend style squared shirt in navy too and a top under it, with her dr martins. 

We end up going to starbucks in town, because Paulina kept on moaning about how she didn't drink enough coffee in the morning and about how Ian promised her some coffee cake along with it, so we have to end up going there, Jenny who is the biggest hater of coffee ended up getting herself a caramel frappucino and I just shared it with her, earning a few playful glares from her. 

When Ian has to run to work, him and Paulina end up showing us a bit of a demonstration on making out session and Jenny turns away I however, end up burning holes through them being jealous, I wish me and Jenny would be like that but she is just too, tender I'd say. I grab her hand under the gable and she smiles at me awkwardly. She is probably embarrassed. I smile at her and she giggles at me. "You're such a dork, you keep on smiling at me and then you keep on staring at them two animals eating each others faces there." she says and leans in giving me a kiss on the lips I smile into the kiss and I feel her smiling too, when I am about to take it further she tugs on my hair lightly, and pulls away, smiling a bit flushed. 

Paulina plops down and starts eating her cake as if she hasn't been eating for months. We laugh at her and then she finished she frowns. they're too small ,I can't get enough of them!" She complains and I end up buying two more of them for her. 

Girls end up dragging me to their favourite shops for Jenny its places like: Arts&Hobbies, Catch, forever21 for Paulina, well Chapters, Eason's and some gothic shop in Grafton's I don't even know its name. Well I couldn't resist their puppy dog faces so I bought each of them a few things.I don't even know what's going on with my hormones today, I ugh every time I see a couple I want to do it with Jenny, but I know that she won't go that far with me any time soon. 

When we go back to Jenny's house and Paulina is about to leave she exclaims "get it on kids, just use a condom." She yells and leaves with her bags, I groan loudly and Jenny sits down on me making me stiffen straight away."What's up with you?" she asks and I just shake my head. "I just ugh, they keep on making out,and grabbing each other and the most I can do with you is grab your butt, but even then you'd probably end up slapping the shit out of me." I mumble and she giggles. She grabs the back of my head and leans in closer to me pecking me on the lips before leaving trail of kisses down the side of my neck and up to my lips again. I moan lightly and she smiles before pulling back. "You know you could of grabbed my butt too."She says seriously before bursting into fits of giggles, I smile and follow her advice making her squeal and jump on my lap before landing right there. "Fuck." I mumble and she stares at me wide eyed and red cheeked. 

I really need to release some of my sexual demons, on someone. 




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