The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


37. Chapter Thirty-Seven.

Thank you, for always being here for me. 


When I am finally sure that I won't end up yelling at anybody again I get out from under the duvet and walk out from the room walking by the bathroom and I hear sniffles coming from the bathroom and I immediately rush to the door. "Jenny?" I ask twisting the door knob, trying to open the door noticing its locked. "Open the door. it's just me." I say and I hear shuffling on the other side. The door slightly creaks while opening and I walk in shutting it beside me, but not locking it. I sit beside her on the floor and she immediately pulls in for a hug. I hug her tightly, squeezing her, " Shh. what happened? Why are you crying? who upset my baby girl?" I whisper rubbing under her eyes, getting rid of the tears. She just shakes her head fast, biting her lip to prevent it from trembling. 

She sniffles, trying to stop crying but the tears are still falling down. I pull her into the hug once again, rocking us back and forth, trying to calm her down. She puts her head on my shoulders and seems to calm down a slight bit. I rub her back and she smiles slightly. "Now tell us what happened." I tell her and she shakes her head. "Why not?" I ask her. "Because I am gonna start crying again." She mumbles back and licks her lips fast. "Is it something Anto did?" I ask her and she nods her head, but then she shakes it fast. I furrow my eyebrows confused, I am sure Anto wouldn't hurt her. 

"He, " she trails off and I keep on rubbing her back. "I, went with your advice with him today, and all, but like I feel like he didn't like it, and that I shouldn't of done it. And then he and Ian went somewhere together again, and I feel like they are gonna be making fun of me, and I feel like he used me and left." She says and I shake my head. "Of course they wouldn't do that, love. Anto loves you. He wouldn't say anything bad about you especially, " I put emphasise on the word 'especially' "behind you back." I finish the sentence and she sniffles again rubbing her nose with the sleeve of her hoodie. 

"I am sure he loved, whatever you did to him today and I am sure he is very happy.You shouldn't regret it for sure too." I exclaim and she rubs her nose again, she always does it when she is about to cry. I 'shh' her again and she just sits there with her head on my shoulder. "When are your parents back?" I ask her and she shrugs her shoulders. "My da is probably out drinking again with his friends, my mom is supposed to be home today since she has work in the morning." She replies and I nod my head. "Do you know where they went?" she asks me and I shake my head. "Probably park, to play football or something." I suggest and she nods her head. "Should I call him?" I question her and she quickly shakes her head rubbing her nose on her sleeve again. "No, he'll probably be upset." She whispers and i nod my head, standing up, offering her my hand. She grabs it and I pull her up, she giggles lightly and I chuckle. I take a tissue and wipe her smudged mascara from under her eyes. "You shouldn't think that all guys you're with are using you." I tell her and she shrugs her shoulders. "Its just when I woke up today, he wasn't beside me, and he didn't talk to me that much, didn't even kiss me or anything, and then he just left and I just assumed."She says and I shake my head."I might go to sleep now, I have an awful headache." she mumbles rubbing her temples and I nod my head. "I'll go home as soon as ya fall asleep, might make you something yum for when you wake up too, I'll bring you some painkillers now, you can go lay down. It's probably from all that crying." I tell her and she strides out of the bathroom towards her room. I make her some tea and bring her painkillers with water too, and when I text Anto

"she is crying, i dont know why call her or something, i am leaving to go home soon too."

I check that she is asleep and leave her house trying to be as quiet as possible. 

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