The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


35. Chapter Thirty-Five.

Did you ever really loved her? -Birdy. 


Anto walks into the room I am in, and I look at him. he plops down beside me on the bed and takes his phone out not saying anything. I turn sideways looking at him and smile softly when I see him trying not to look back at me. I sigh standing up and go to the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror, deciding whether to go with Paulina's advice or not. I groan and feel like smashing my head against the wall. "Are you okay in there?" Anto asks knocking on the door and I mumble a 'yes' back. "I'll be out in a minute." I shout back and I hear him walking away from the door. I open the door stepping out of the shower biting my lip, looking at him laying on his back on the bed on his phone again. I tip toe over to him and crawl on top of him. He looks at me smiling before going back to his phone. I frown and doubt that the idea is going to work, he is not even paying attention to me!

I trail my fingers inside his shirt and he puts his phone down suddenly, flipping me over making me squeal. "What are you up to?" He asks suspicious and I giggle, blushing. "Maybe I want to make you happy." I whisper back, biting my lip and he stares down at my lips, while I trail my hand down to his pants, rubbing them lightly against him causing him to groan. He smashes his lips with mine trailing his fingers down my spine until he grabs my ass making me giggle into the kiss. "What hit you in the head?" he asks when he pulls away and I kiss his neck. "Paulina explained to me why you were so uptight lately, so I decided why not help you relax a bit?" I mumble and he sits up with me still in his lap. "What do you have in mind?" He asks staring me right in the eyes and I blush. I trail my fingers down to his buddy again and grab him through his pants, he moans under his breath and I undo his pants zipper, I flip us over again, plopping down on his dick right after. 

I leave kisses down his neck before taking his shirt off quickly, I continue my journey down his body with my lips spending a bit of time on licking the skin around his v-lines. He gently grabs my hair and hisses under his breath. I smile and take his pants off him fully. "I quiet like you in boxers.Especially in blue." I whisper and go back up to his lips, he bites on my lip softly and I pull away quickly. 

I go back down his body and pull down his boxers, blushing when it comes into the view. He chuckles. "You don't have to do it." He whispers and I shake my head. "No i want to, i am just a bit worried." I whisper back and he smiles. I lean down and kiss the tip of it softly, causing him to, groan. I take a bit of it in and he holds his hands at the back of his head, pushing me to take more in. He grunts and I feel him twitch in my mouth, I push myself and take more in and he groans pulling on my hair, he stiffens suddenly and I feel liquid in my mouth I try swallowing as much of it as I can. I pull away, grimacing and he chuckles rubbing his hands over his face. He flips us over and I blush when he pins me down to the bed. He leaves kisses down my neck and runs his fingers to the button on my pants. He slips his fingers into my pants and runs them over my underwear, I shudder and buck my hips up to his causing him to bite on my neck. I let out a loud moan and he pulls away. He looks into my eyes and tries slipping his fingers into my panties. I quickly grab his hand. "No, don't." I say blushing and he looks at me before nodding his head and getting off me. He pulls his boxers back on and lays back down beside me again. I lay on his chest and look up at him, but he is already looking. He leans down kissing me on the lips making me smile. 

I close my eyes silently and in less than twenty minutes I am sleeping like a baby. 


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