The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


6. Chapter Six.

If you don't fight for what you love, don't cry for what you lose. 

"I am gonna fucking punch him around" I hear Anto mutter and I turn towards him. "Not like anybody is gonna mind you know, I don't like them either." I reply, without telling him the reason. Why would I tell him I am jealous? "Why? "He questions but I can see he clearly is not focused on me right now, he kept on looking for his cigarettes and when he found them he kept on patting his pockets to find the lighter. "Anto its in your jacket pocket. You put it there about ten minutes ago." Jordan tells him. He starts smoking however he doesn't finish even a quarter of his cigaret when he throws it on the ground. Everyone including me seems to find this amusing cause we all smirk at him. "Whipped." i hear Robert mumble and chuckle and we all chuckle along. "Shut the fuck up ." 

"Hi there." I exclaim and come over to girls. I hug both their shoulders "What's up lads?" I say and nod at them, and they nod back. "How'd ya know our girls?" I question and they raise their eyebrows. "Well your girls over there, told us about how they're single.." the tall one was about to finish his sentence when we hear a completely fake cough. "Ya know what I'd do if I were you pals? I'd fucking leave right now. Those girls standing in front of yous are taken, the one who is very close to your friend is mine, and if you two wanna stay alive for much longer I'd fucking take a few steps back away from her. Because if she wasn't here, trust me I'd punch your teeth out and make you eat them for dinner." Anto growls, and everyone looks at him surprised. I realise I am standing there with my mouth opened like a fucking loonie. "Awh babe, why don't you calm your boyfriend down?" I look at Jenny nodding my head towards Anto, she turns back to me with her jaw hanging. "What the fuck is going on here? " but does in the end leaves to talk to him not far away from us. 

"How are you baby?" I look down at Paulina, and wink. She rolls her eyes at me, pulling a disgusted face. I lean down and kiss her. And oh my god let me tell you, if the lads weren't around I'd fucking scream and jump around from happiness like a loved up girl. But I have to act cool and pretend like its nothing. I pull away and shoo them two guys away. "Bye lads." I scream after them, then they actually end up leaving. I turn around looking for Anto. And I see him standing alone already. He walks over grabbing another cigaret and lighting it up."Where's Jenny?" Paulina asks and I smile. She didn't push my hand away from her shoulders still. "She left. She was you's and left." He explained. "I am gonna go to he says " And I smile at him. "See ya later bro." We all say and he leaves. 

"Now baby what shall we do today?" I ask and the lads chuckle. "Fuck off." She replies pushing me away and speed walking after Jenny, so hard that I nearly drop down onto the floor right on my butt. At least I got to kiss her. 

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