The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


7. Chapter Seven.

Sometimes you fall for the wrong person, sometimes the wrong person loves you back. 

Paulina's P.O.V 

The kiss.

Not my first kiss of course, but I do have to admit it was good. Very very damn good. Not the best tho. Just a good kiss. Right now I am trying to calm down a shaking Jenny. "Jenny come on it was nothing. " I shush her while I am rubbing her back, for some reason it calms her down really fast. "But it wasn't! I- I turned away for a minute and then I look back towards you's, and " she trails off shaking her head. "He did it just to piss them lads off. Wanna hear a little secret though? "I whisper into her ear. She nods her head, and hiccups quietly. I smile sadly and hug her closer. I feel like shit every single time she starts crying, because I know it is my fault, well I feel like it, and sadly I can't make it better either. She looks like one of those children whose toy has been taken away from her. "Looks like our Anto is remembering you." I exclaim tickling her belly making her giggle softly. "He is not that good of a kisser ya know. He actually sucks at it, I wouldn't want it for my baby girl now would I?" I whisper and wink at the end, that just sends her into a fit of laughter. "I am pretty sure our little Anto would be better at kissing, why don't you check?" I wiggle my eyebrows and she giggles and blushes. 

She finally fully calmed down and I helped her fix her make up, because her mascara and eyeshadow were running down."I really didn't want it to happen Jenny. It was nothing serious for neither of us anyways. It won't happen again either." I say and smile at her. She nods her head. "He is mad at me. " she whispers and I can see she is about to start the waterfalls all over again. "Anty? Of course he is not! He can't be mad at you. He is not mad at you he is mad at what happened today, did you hear how he was talking? He felt like ripping the guy into pieces. Just because you talked to him." I explain and she smiles a bit. "He likes you. "she says and i look at her, for once I don't see her staring at me, like comparing us she is just avoiding my stare all together, she just keeps on looking down at her fingers. 

"Jenny, it won't happen again, and even if he does like me? Well sucks for him, cause I'll never like him back." I say tried to convince both myself and her. 






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