The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


19. Chapter Nineteen.

And if this was a movie you'd be here by now. -Taylor Swift. 


"Listen, Ian. I wanna talk to you." I say when Jenny and Anto leave to go to Arts&Hobbies, well she went there he went after her like a lost puppy. He looks at me shocked and nods his head as if to tell me to keep going. "I want you to know that all my offending and harshness towards you is not because I hate you or anything, its far from it. And I think that's the main reason why I want you to leave me. Because then people leave me I learn not to love them. And I am really afraid of liking you, you know you're one of those guys who is easily loved. And I don't even know what the hell am I saying now." I stop and shake my head.

"Why do you never trust people when they tell you they'll be here?" He questions and I shrug my shoulders. "I don't even know myself from what I remember I've been like that all my life. It was always hard trusting new people. And like then you told me you liked me that first time I thought you were lying to me. " I shrug my shoulders and he scoots closer to me so we're sitting side by side. "Well I meant it." He replies and I smile. "Jenny was always telling me about how you meant it and all, and I never really believed her you know, I thought she was just saying it to make me feel better. And then she had Anto and I was jealous I just, I couldn't show it because I knew it'd hurt her. You were, and I think you still are the guy she loves, it was always holding me back from liking you." I explain. 

He suddenly hugs me and I stare behind him wide eyed. I eventually hugged him back just as tight. We pull away and I smile at him. "She seems very happy, even without you. About a month ago she was crying about how she is not beautiful and no guy would ever love her and things like that she was muttering your name every single second it was all about you. But somehow she still managed to support you and me I guess she saw that I liked you without me having to tell her, and she wanted me to be happy even with you. She seems to be getting better though. I am gonna talk to her too about you, I wanna know what she really thinks about you and me being together, just so I wouldn't get my hopes up too much."I tell him and he grins. "I am sure she would understand." He says and his grin makes me laugh. "Never expected us to be talking about stuff like that." I point out and he winks. "I was hoping we would." He says and I smile again. I seem to be smiling a lot around him. 

Jenny comes skipping out of the shop and we laugh at her. "Did you made out in the corner and the poor lad lost his ability to walk?"I ask and Ian laughs so hard he holds his stomach. "No he bought each one of us a present. " she says and jumps up a bit. Anto comes out of the shop and grins at us. "Hiya's. " he says and we nod. He takes out a full roll of black silk ribbon and gives it to me I squeal like Jenny would of and she punches me lightly and blushes. "I don't sound like that." She mumbles. Then he gives Ian some beer opener keyring or whatever you call them and Ian grins. "Well that is definitely going to be used often." Ian says and we laugh. And then he gives Jenny some sketch pad in pink and she kissed his cheek quickly. 

When I unroll a bit off the ribbon I look through my bag and find scissors, don't ask me why I even have them in my bag in the first place. I cut the piece which would be enough to wrap around my wrist and turn towards Jenny. "Will you tie it for me? Please?" I ask her and she nods her head. "Sure." When she was about to take it from me, someone else grabs it from her. She raises her eyebrows surprised. "Can I?"Ian asks and I nod at him. "Go ahead." I lift a tiny little bit of my sleeve up, trying not to show too much. He wraps it around my wrist gently, and ties it up. "Tie it twice." I tell him and he nods his head. He is very gentle. I smile and when he is finished pull my sleeves down. 

The guy seriously can fascinate me. 

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