The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


44. Chapter Forty-Four.

And its not the end of the world. 


We lay on bed and he keeps on running his fingers across my scars, which makes me shudder a bit. I never let anybody touch them. Well except from Jenny, and by now, him. He leaves his fingers on some of  them before continuing on running his fingers to other ones, not leaving any of them without attention. 

"What was the reason for this one?" He asks and points to the one on my left hip. "I had a fight with Jenny. " 

"What about this one?" "A guy dumped me. " 

In the end he knew the reasons for each one of them. He seemed so genuinely interested that it made me smile. He brings my arms up to his lips and gives each scar a tiny peck making me smile widely. He gives attention to the ones on my hips too and I close my eyes. 

"You are the only guy who is not scared of them." I tell him and he looks at me. "Really?" "Yeah. There was one lad I liked. I told him I have cuts all over my body in the end he never replied back to me, left me, got himself a new life and girl. It was hurtful but I learned to get over it." I tell him and he shakes his head. "That's just low of him." He says and I shrug my shoulders. "It's not really. He didn't want a girl with scars all over her body which will never go away. I understood him it was just hurtful that he didn't even bother saying anything and in a month when I checked up on him again he already was in relationships. " 

"I am not like that."He says running his fingers on my back. I chuckle. "You know what's ironic? I always thought you were like that. I always believed that you were that type of lad who fucked and left. I guess its your looks and the amounts of girls who liked you. " I tell him and he chuckles gasping fakely. "To be honest with you I used to fuck and leave girls before I actually realised I loved you. It was so fast thought. One day I was so sure that I had no feelings for anyone and that I would never love any girl again. And the other day I was thinking about you all the time, I couldn't get you out of my mind. At all you just got stuck there and no matter what I did and who I was with you, I never managed to forget you." He says and smiles. "I am happy you didn't." I tell him and he grins. "Me too." 

I lay on his chest running my fingers across it and he plays with the ends of my hair. I notice how focused he is on my hair and I smile. "I never thought me and you would be one of those couples to cuddle together and just enjoy each other's company."He mumbles and I peck his chest. 

When we wake up in the morning I notice how we're sleeping. Our legs are tangled together and my arm is laying across his stomach while his arms are wrapped around my waist tightly. I yawn quietly and get out of the bed trying not to wake him up. I put some shorts on along with the t-shirt of his I already have on and walk downstairs.  I walk into the kitchen to see no one is still up and decide to make us all a delicious breakfast. I start with pancakes knowing Jenny would kill for them and then I go on to frying eggs and bacon in case lads would want something different. I make myself a cup of coffee and eat some of the eggs and bacon deciding to leave some space for pancakes later on. 

I decide to wake those lazy asses up since I am bored out of my head without having any company with me. I walk Ian up with a kiss and he gets out of bed straight away getting dressed quickly after I tell him there's food for him upstairs. When I walk into Jenny's room to see her and Anto clinging to each other, I smile and take a picture of them together. I'll have something to blackmail them with later on. I go over to them and rip the duvets off them. Anto opens his eyes confused and so does Jenny in a minute."I cooked some pancakes for you." I tell her and she nods her head coughing a bit. "Be downstairs in five minutes or I am gonna pour cold water over both of you." I tell them and they nod their heads. 

In a matter of around 3 minutes they walk downstairs still in their pajamas well for Anto its his sweatpants without a shirt on while Jenny still remains with her pajamas on. "Dig in." I tell them. I notice that they're kind of distant towards each other and I frown. 

However that does't stay on my face for long since I feel Ian's lacing with mine under the table. 


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