The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


48. Chapter Forty-Eight.

I love looking at her, when she smiles



"You know you're mine, right?" I ask her while trailing my fingers down her spine and up to the mid-back again. She looks up at me grinning. "Of course I do. Why though?" She asks and I smile. "I just. I saw you smiling at Ian today, and I don't know I feel pathetic for even thinking what I thought." I mumble and she draws patterns on my chest. "Come on tell me. " She whispers and I close my eyes. "I just thought that you never did and never will smile or look at me like that." I reply and open my eyes, feeling my cheeks burn from the thought I just shared with her. She giggles lightly. "Of course I won't. I'll look at you with more feeling in my eyes. You might not be my first love, but us, is sure as hell much better than any type of contact I ever had with Ian. And you know why I don't look at you the way I look at him? Because he was the first guy who hurt him and he forever will be. You are the guy who is actually caring enough to care about me more than yourself. " She mumbles and I grin widely feeling like my hears is about to burst with happiness. 

"Ugh fuck." I whisper and she looks up at me startled. "I want you so bad." I whisper and she blushes wildly. She looks down and avoids my eyes for a while and I think that she is actually upset or something but then she looks up at me and smiles a bit. "I am not ready to go all the way." She says and I feel like groaning but keep it in. "We don't have to go all the way." I suggest and she smiles shaking her head. "You'll come up with anything right now, just to get it in won't ya?" She asks and I chuckle. "I just ugh." I tell her and she laughs. 

I suddenly sit up and lick my lips down at her. I pull my shirt over my head and she sits up in front of me, letting me take her top off revealing her baby blue lacy bra with a white letter A on the right side of it. I lick my lips. "A for Anto?" I ask and she sticks her tongue out. "A for amazing." She says and I fake gasp. I leave a peck on her chest and she gasps quietly, making it hard to hear. I push her down lightly and she lays down on her back her top half naked in front of me. I lean down leaving tiny pecks from her neck down to the end of her tummy, adding a bit of tongue wear and she shudders. 

I open the button on her shorts down her legs revealing a hello kitty pair of girl boxers in pink and white and I have this urge to kiss her down there. And that's exactly what I did. She moans and grips my hair. I smile and pull away. "The things you do to me. "I tell her." And she smiles looking down. "I think I know what you mean." She giggles and I roll my eyes smirking. I open her bra and she blushes wildly when i take it off her completely. I lean down giving her nipples a kiss and she rolls her back giving me even more space to work on. I bite on it gently and she moans loudly. "I didn't even do what I was planning on doing to you yet, and you're already moaning." I smirk and her red cheeks are back. 

I start working on leaving a hickey on her neck, when i finally let my hand slip into her panties and she stops moving for a second before relaxing, I run my fingers up and down there and enter one into her and she moans right into my ear causing me to suck on her neck harder. I keep on moving my finger in an out of her,before adding on a second one and she thanks me by moaning often. I feel her tighten around my fingers in a while and I pull my fingers out of her causing her to hiss in disapproval. I smile and take her panties off her revealing all of her body to me, causing me to lick my lips while staring down at her. I lean down and leave an open mouthed kiss on her down there and she groans. I lick her there with my tongue and she pulls on my hair pulling me even closer to her. I feel her release and I lick her clean before pulling away. She blushes before giving me a kiss on the lips. 

"You drive me mad somedays." I tell her and she smiles. "Well then there's gonna be two mad people around. " 

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