The Blonde View.

It's always gonna be there, isn't it? You and me. -Ian.


18. Chapter Eighteen.

Everything that hurts me, makes me feel alive. 


I stare at him open mouthed like a dumb ass but then I quickly pull myself together."And what if some people don't want us to be together?" I shot back and he rolls his back. "We both know that we don't care about what people think, you're just trying to find an excuse." I shake my head in disbelief. "I don't need an excuse to know that you're an asshole." I whisper-yell at him. " I love how you came up with so many reasons for us not to be together, but you didn't tell me one of the most important ones."He chuckles and shakes his head somehow finding this funny. "And which one is that?" I whisper annoyed. "That YOU don't want us to be together."He says and I look at him wide eyed "You." I glare at him. "Are a fucking asshole." I say again and he laughs loudly causing half of the cinema to look at us . I grumble under my breath and sink into my seat trying to actually watch the movie. "Everything okay?" Jenny whispers and I simply nod my head sending her a quick smile. "Perfect." 

When the movie finally finishes, its okay I must say books are still better, we walk out of the cinema. "What do you's wanna do now?" Jenny asks and I shrug my shoulders. "We should go to town, maybe we'll get some food or something too."Anto suggests and I nod my head agreeing with him. Ian for some weird reason has been silent, usually he'd give some of his smart ass comebacks by now. 

"Are you two okay?" Jenny asks confused and I nod my head and I hear Ian moving behind me so he must of nodded too. Then something flashes in her eyes, she must of realised that we were whispering about for half a movie.  Anto looks between the three of us confused. "Let's just get moving guys." He says and Jenny and him walk in front of us, while me and him slowly walk beside them, so they'd have some privacy.  I see her push him with her hip and I smile. "You know that could be you and me." Ian whispers into my ear, and I snap my head towards him. "You're still an asshole." 

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