Neville Longbottom and the Immortality Chaser

Wonder, what would happen if Neville Longbottom was the Boy who Lived. What if Neville, was the chosen one and had his own adventures at Hogwarts?


3. Neville?

I woke up to see Phoebe bouncing on my bed.  I groaned and she grinned at my annoyance.  Nothing pleased her more, well, except for my doting.

"It's the weekend," Phoebe grinned ear to ear, "I do not have school today, but Mummy says she has to go into work today so you get to watch me all day."

"I know it is the weekend, Phoebe." I grunted

"I said," She sang, "You have to watch me!"

"Great," I said sarcastic

"Oh, and Mummy wants to know where breakfast is." Phoebe laughed maniacally

"Wonderful," I scrambled out of bed

I practically threw on my clothes and sprinted down the stairs.  Victoria stood in the kitchen tapping her foot impatiently.  I pulled out the bread and toasted it, tossed to together some other breakfast foods, and frantically searched for some silverware and plates.

Soon Victoria was sitting at the table with my famous Breakfast Fast.  She slapped her forehead but ate it anyway.  I pulled out some of my homemade cereal for Phoebe, Victoria would not allow her to have the kind from the stores, it was too "processed".

Victoria nodded her approval as she walked out the door.


"Neville!" Phoebe hollered, "Neville!"

"What do you want Phoebe?" I asked, dusting, of course

"What is this?" Phoebe demanded holding up my letter

"What is what?" I asked

"This," Phoebe waved the letter directly in front of my face, "Neville, I know you are not blind.  You can see just fine.  I want to know what this is?"

"I have no idea what that is." I lied

"Come on," Phoebe whined

"I have no idea what that is," I repeated

"I guess then you will not care at all if I show Mummy," Phoebe mocked sighed

"Phoebe, come on. Give me something for once.  I am just asking for you to leave it alone, for once in your entire lifetime, please." I replied giving in, "Is it really that hard?"

"Just tell me what it is," Phoebe pleaded, "If you tell me I will not tell Mummy, I swear."

"Do not swear, I would tell you what it is, but I really have no idea what so ever." I answered honestly

"Neville, are you lying to me?  If you are, I will find out and I will tell Mummy." Phoebe commanded

"swear that am not lying," I sighed and continued dusting

"I believe you," Phoebe said and went to her room

"Do not forget to put it back where you found it," I called after her

"I will put it back," Phoebe yelled across the house

"Thank you," I replied grimacing slightly at the loudness of her voice

"You are most definitely welcome," I could feel Phoebe grin

I chuckled to myself.  I still did not know if I could trust Phoebe with the topic of the letter, but I had to, otherwise I was out of luck.  There was no way to get her out of it now.

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