Neville Longbottom and the Immortality Chaser

Wonder, what would happen if Neville Longbottom was the Boy who Lived. What if Neville, was the chosen one and had his own adventures at Hogwarts?


4. More Owls

"Good Morning Neville, you are doing a wonderful time getting breakfast ready on time, without Phoebe's help." Victoria actually complimented me

"Thank you," I replied

It had been almost a week since Phoebe had discovered the letter and so far she had kept quiet, I was slightly surprised.  I had expected her to give in to her blabbermouth ways and tell Victoria when she got home that night.  But she had not even spoken of it to me.

"Hello," Phoebe came into the kitchen

"Good Morning, sweetheart," Victoria smiled, hugging her daughter, "Are you ready for school?"

"Almost, I just need to eat breakfast," Phoebe smiled up at her mother

"And, why, here it is," I grinned proud of my timing

"Thank you, Neville," Phoebe took the plate out of my hands and sat down at the table

Suddenly, two owls flew into the room out of the fireplace.  Victoria and Phoebe screamed while I groaned, guessing that these owls had the same letter I had received earlier.

I had sent a letter to Professor Albus Dumbledore saying that I could not attend Hogwarts soon after receiving the first letter.  I figured that this would happen; however, not while Victoria and Phoebe were home.

As soon as they calmed down, the owls I mean, I took the letters out of their beaks and ripped them in half.  But then three owls flew in through the suddenly open door.  I tore up their letters and then more and more streamed in through the windows, the door, the fireplace.

I threw up my hands as Victoria and Phoebe continued screaming.  Suddenly, all of the owls froze.  Victoria screamed angrily as one more owl naively flew out of the fireplace.  It froze as soon as it entered the room.

It all looked so strange, there were owls everywhere.  There had to be more than twenty of them in the small dinning room.  Victoria took a deep breath and tore a letter out of the beak of the owl nearest her.

Her eyes skimmed the letter getting faster and faster.  Suddenly she screamed in rage. I winced knowing that I was going to be punished, but instead she kept asking the ceiling why.

"I had heard rumors," She whispered, "But, Neville?  Why Neville?  I cannot believe the rumors were true,"

"What rumors, Mummy?" Phoebe muttered

"Nothing for you to worry about," Victoria silenced her child, "Now what am I supposed to do with you?"

"Excuse me?" I asked

"Well, we cannot keep being assaulted by owls can we?" She chuckled weakly, " But I cannot let you go,"

"You could let me go, but I could come back over the holidays." I suggested

"True, but would that be giving in too much?" Victoria pondered

"It is up to you," I pointed out

"Very very true,"

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