Neville Longbottom and the Immortality Chaser

Wonder, what would happen if Neville Longbottom was the Boy who Lived. What if Neville, was the chosen one and had his own adventures at Hogwarts?


5. A Giant at the Door

The door began to buckle as who ever it was kicked at it.  I groaned, Victoria was so upset about the owls that another unwelcome visitor was killing her.  She had a headache and it was driving me mad.  I stomped to the door when, of course, it broke and there was a giant who I assumed to be a man because of his bushy beard.

"Hello, is Neville Longbottom here?" he asked

"You are looking at him last I checked," I grimaced, I was smaller than people expected

"Oh, I am sorry," he grinned down at me, "I am Hagrid."

"Hello Hagrid," I replied

"I am here to take you to Diagon Alley," Hagrid told me

"You are here to take me to where now?" I asked

"Diagon Alley," Hagrid repeated staring at me blankly

"I have never heard of such a place and so, I will not go with you." I declared

"Who is it, Neville?" Victoria called

"Some man named Hagrid," I hollered back at her

"Tell him to leave, my headache is getting worse." Victoria yelled

"All right," I answered, "Hagrid, I am going to have to ask you to leave."

"Neville, lad, the only place you are safe is Hogwarts. I cannot leave you here to get hurt." Hagrid boomed

"Then why would you be taking me to Diagon Alley?" I tilted my head to the side

"You would need to get your supplies for school before leaving for Hogwarts." Hagrid raised a big. bushy eyebrow

"Neville?!" Victoria screamed, "Is that man still here?"

"He has a name," I replied

"Why would I care?" Victoria yelled

"He is a human being,"

"So are you,"

"Your point is?"

"I am more concerned about what yours might be,"

"Is it so hard to call the man by his name?"

"Does he require a title?  Is he the Prime Minister?"

"No, but by existing he deserves to be called by something,"

"Just get the man to leave,"

"Fine," I snorted, "Hagrid, please leave."

"I will not leave you here with this ignorant woman to taunt you." Hagrid crossed his large arms over his broad chest

"That is not your decision," I pointed out

"True," Hagrid paused considering the situation

"Good bye," I said and put the door back up in his face



Hey, so I am sorry about not having Hagrid speak with his accent. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to do that.  Hope you are enjoying my story! :)

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