They Choose Me

Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles, decide to come up with a contest, every high school will have applications to sign up to live with them in a mansion for 2 whole months. Every teenage girl dreams of getting picked. What happens when sweet, beautiful, popular Caroline Manes gets picked? Find out in 'They Choose Me'.


3. Chapter 3 -Cody-

Chapter 3 -Cody-

-Caroline's P.O.V.-

"Well... I got to go to class... See ya later bebe." Jessy says. "See ya Jess." I go to my locker, and get my things for my first class. "Hey Care care!" I turn to see Cody. "Hey Cody." I fake smile. "Walk with me? I'm sure Justin won't mind." Oh no. "Of course." "Hey Care care.. Wanna come over tonight." "I would but-" "Shhh... Justin won't know... Just me and you, it can be our little secret." He says backing me into the boy's bathroom. He backs me into the wall. "I shouldn't be in here." "Oh... It's fine... No one will bother us." He smirks and kisses me. He feels up my shirt. "Ooh abs." "C-Cody s-stop." "Oh, you know you want me." "Cody get off!" "Oh 'c'mon babe." I hear the door open. "Get out! Can't you see I'm busy!?!" Cody snaps. "Cody get off!" I scream again. "Care Care stop being so difficult!" "Stop calling me that!" "Hey dude... Back off!" The guy yells. "No! I told you to GET OUT!" "Helpppp!" Suddenly Cody gets ripped away from me. I look and see it's Justin?!? He continuously punches Cody. "YOU" punch "LEAVE" punch "MY" punch "GIRL" punch "ALONE!" Punch punch punch punch punch punch. "Justin stop before you murder him!" I say. He gets up seeing Cody is clearly knocked out. "You okay Care?" "I am now." I say. He comes over and hugs me. A few tears slip down my face. Justin wipes them away. "I'm sorry about earlier.. For being a jerk.... I love you... You know that right?" I nod. "I love you too." I take out my emergency mascara, and fix my makeup. "You ready to go?" I nod. Justin take my hand and we walk out. Justin walks me to my first hour and then goes to his. "Hey Caroline." Everyone greets me. "Hey my lovely fans.... Who wants an autograph today?" Everyone raises their hand. This is always a bit weird..... 

AN: Hey beautiful people! In the comments tell me what you think of this... And, tell me if I should keep it... Or delete? Thank you for everything! And, remember you are beautiful no matter what anyone says... If someone tells you that they are either jealous or just to dumb to see the beauty in you! :) AND REMEMBER SOMEONE LOVES YOU! Love yew!


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