They Choose Me

Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles, decide to come up with a contest, every high school will have applications to sign up to live with them in a mansion for 2 whole months. Every teenage girl dreams of getting picked. What happens when sweet, beautiful, popular Caroline Manes gets picked? Find out in 'They Choose Me'.


2. Chapter 2 -Applying-

Chapter 2 -Applying-

-Caroline's P.O.V.-

I opened the door and Justin was there smiling. He kissed me passionately "Hey weirdo." "Hey beautiful." I giggled. Justin and my mom are the only people I can be myself around. At school I can't... Justin is the same way. Justin grabbed the hand, holding it in his. I smiled. I closed the door behind me. Justin leads me to his car... It sorta looks like bumble bee from Transformers. Justin opened the door for me and closed it once I got in. Once Justin got in and we both buckled I decided to tell him. "Guess what?!?" "What?!?" He asked in a high energetic voice mocking me. "Louis Tomlinson, Austin Mahone, Logan Lerman, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik are holding a contest where someone will get to live with them in a mansion for 2 months!" I squeal. "Really?!? Can I sign up?" He jokes again in a high pitched voice. "Shut up!" "Do you really think your going to win?" "It's possible!" "Wait... How do you sign up?" "You just have to fill out an application and send in a picture." I say, Justin tenses. "Your not signing up." He mumbles. "What!?! You can't control what I do!" "Care... There is no doubt in my mind they will choose you... Your absolutely gorgeous..." He says using my nickname. "There are prettier girls than me!" He looks me over real quick before looking back at the road. "Not possible." I blush. "I don't want no guys no matter how famous they are messing with you." I sighed. "Gosh. Justin do you really think I would cheat on you?" I say offended. "No I just- I just- promise if you do win you won't sleep with any of them." I sigh. "I promise." He smiles. "That's my Care." We got to school. I got out. I walked to Jessy. "Hey Jess! You got it?" I asked. She nodded and handed it to me. "Did you hear? Susan is wearing the same outfit you did yesterday!" Oh big whoop. "What?!?" "Yeah... But don't worry... We got it handled." She smirked. Oh gosh... What did she do? "Here... Got your pic?" She said handing me the application and a pen. I always carried a picture inside my purse. I pulled it out. "Ooh.... You look hot!" I smiled. 


How old are you: 17

When is your birthday: February 12

Who out of all of us are you a fan of: All of you guys of course! All of you are perfecto!

 Would you consider yourself nice, fun, snobby, or rude: I dunno how to describe myself... I'd say I'm pretty fun...

Why should we choose you: I would love this opportunity so much! I love you guys! I think it would also be nice to hang out with you guys and be away from school... I am the most popular girl in school, so I have to be snobby and rude... I hate it! And, my boyfriend is a cool guy, bu t at school... He's a real jerk and perv... I would like to get away from that to be with you 5 guys instead.

Now, final question... What is your name love: Caroline Mains

Thank you for filling out this application!


"Got it filled out?" "Yes" "Fabulous! The drop box to turn it in is over there." I nodded. We put it in... Just then Justin and his buds come over. "Ooh! The guys!" Jess exclaims. I put on a fake smile. "Hey babe." "Hey." "That's all I get? No kiss? No 'You were awesome last night?'" He smirks and winks. "Oh! Justin got it down last night!" His friend Cody exclaims. "Oh I got it good." He winks. His friends whistled and made 'ooh' sounds. I continued to smiles, but inside I felt sick. Justin came over to me and kissed me, and grabbing my butt afterwords. Gosh. I hate it when he does that. "So... Was he really that great?" Jess asks. "Oh yeah... It was amazing." I say throwing up inside. Talking about it is weird. I mean we have done it a couple times... But still... His friends again whistle and make 'ooh' sounds. "See ya later sexy." "See ya Justin." I sighed. "What's wrong?" "What do you mean?" "You just sighed." "Oh... I was just thinking about last night." "Oh... I see.." She says and winks. 


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