My Neighbor Totoro

(Joey Graceffa Fan Fiction!!!)

Joey has always loved Totoro. One day he moves into a new house by a strange forest. Sawyer leaves to go get food and Joey finds a special girl..... She says everyone calls her Totoro.


9. The Laughs and Smiles

   I woke up feeling glad even though it's Monday? I don't know anymore. I checked my phone. "Hey!" It was a text from...... Cat. "Hey girl y u be up so early in the mornin?" I text. "(;" I smiled and got up. "Well i was wonderin if you wanted to shoot a calab." I was jumping up and down. "yea when?" I had to remember I was shooting a calab with Tyler Oakly on Thursday. I got a text. "Next Monday?" I smiled so much. "Yes girl that's wonder freaking ful."

    Sawyer came and hugged me. We had a Jawyer moment. "Joseph." Sawyer said smiling. "What do you want Sawyer." I looked at him funnily. "I'm going to be gone today and tomorrow." He said. I frowned. "Why, and just now telling me?" I said funnily, again. "Going to see my mommy and daddy." He said smiling. "You baby!"

    Sawyer left. The calab with Tyler is tomorrow. I decided to go see Stella. I haven't in a long time. I got up and walked outside. I looked at the big campour tree. I found the bush and stuck my head in it. I soon reached the middle of it.

    "Totoro?" I said wondering where she might be. I saw her turn around and see me. "Hey Joey." I smiled and walked toward her. She was looking at something. I looked at what she was staring at. It was a picture. I smiled. "Who's that?" She smiled. "Me, when I was younger." It looked like her, a lot. I just didn't know.

    "Sorry I haven't been coming to see you." I said sadly. "Don't worry about it Joey, I know how busy you are." I hugged her side. "I'm just sorry, I got caught up on YouTube and friends..." She looked at me. "I know you, you don't have to explain." I looked in her eyes. "What's wrong?" She looked at me then noticed I was staring at her. "Nothing, I just...." I saw her cell phone in her pocket. "I cracked my phone and it won't work."

    I had a flashback. It was when my mom was drunk, every night. My sister didn't talk to me. I was alone and afraid. I cried myself to sleep then woke up for school. I was happy to go to see my friends. But I was scared to come home. I was scared to tell someone. I was scared of living my life. But Brittney helped me the whole time! That was a happy ending.

    I smiled then awoke from my flashback. Totoro was looking down on her phone. "What am I going to do?" I smiled and wrapped my arm around her. "It's ok." I knew what I had to do, get her a new iPhone. That was my mission. But not the only one. My other was to, enjoy the little things with her. I might not see her forever.

    I smiled at her. "I'm going to get you a new phone." She hugged me tight. "Joey!" She yelled. "thank you so much I will repay you I promise!" I smiled at looked into her eyes. "Don't worry about it, you don't have to pay me back." She looked at me. "Joey! The bill!" I smiled, "I'll pay it." She hugged me even tighter. "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" She pulled out of the hug and stared into my eyes. I kissed her lips softly. This is what I want for te rest of my life. Stella.

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