My Neighbor Totoro

(Joey Graceffa Fan Fiction!!!)

Joey has always loved Totoro. One day he moves into a new house by a strange forest. Sawyer leaves to go get food and Joey finds a special girl..... She says everyone calls her Totoro.



    I woke up and checked my phone. I grabbed my camera. "Hey guys I just got up." I smiled. "I'm making a morning video!" I got up. "Tonight, I'm going to hang with Strawburry17  a.k.a. Meghan." I sat on my desk chair. "We havin a anime night." "Yea." I nodded my head. "Yea! I guess I'll talk to you tonight!"

    I called Meghan. "Hey girl, do you mind if I bring a friend?" I asked. "No! Who is it?" I smiled. "My anime friend, Stella." She giggled. "Go ahead Joey, I can't wait to meet her." I was so excited! Sawyer still wasn't back yet and I was getting very lonely.

     I walked over to the tree. Once I reached the middle Stella hugged me. "Joey!" I smiled. "Hey, you know Strawburry17?" She smiled. "You want to meet her?" She jumped up and down. "Oh my gawd oh my gawd oh my gawd! YES!" I smiled. "I promise I won't film you." She smiled. "Thank you Joey." She hugged me again. "I don't know how I can repay you."

    I got ready and applied my 'Lush' products. I grabbed my Totoro jacket and walked outside. I yelled from the front of the tree. "TOTORO!" I saw her head jump out of the bush. "Did that mess my hair up?" I laughed. "Nope." She wasn't wearing her Totoro headband. We got in the car.

    One Direction came on. "The Story Of My Life!" I yelled. Totoro smiled at me the whole time. "Sorry I don't sing." I smiled. "WRITTEN IN THESE WALLS ARE THE COLOURS THAT I CAN'T EXPLAIN!!!!" She laughed at me. "Joey, I love your fabulous singing."

    We got to Meghan's and I knocked on the door. She opened it and hugged me. "Hey Joey!" I saw her smile at Totoro. She put out her hand. "I'm Meghan." I saw Stella smiled. "Hello Meghan, I'm Stella, you can call me Totoro." She smiled. "Come on in!"

    I saw Meghan smile and hold something behind her back. "Meghan." I said questioning her. "Joey." I grabbed her arm. I saw 'poppin' cookin'' I smiled. "NO! THE ICE CREAM ONE? I LOVE YOU!" I hbugged her tight. She hugged me back. She saw Totoro and joined her in our hug. She smiled at her.

    "What anime do you want to watch?" I smiled and looked at Stella. Her eyes lit up. "TOTORO!" How'd I know she was going to say that? Meghan smiled and grabbed the dvd. Stella was beside me. Meghan beside her. We watched the movie and had a wonderful Anime Night! Oh geez Meghan, Totoro, and me... We are best friends.

Hey guys! I know I haven't been updating this. DON'T WORRY I'M NOT ENDING IT! It's just that it's hard writing a story about someone you don't know. Stella did tell me a lot of information. A lot of that I use. I just hope you guy6s undertsand that it's hard. I AM NOT ENDING THIS MOVELLA I LOVE IT MYSELF SO DON'T WORRY!

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