The Quirky Tale Of April Hale

April Hale is a normal girl. Her life however, is not so normal when she meets Liam Payne of One Direction. He turns her life upside down, with love, hate, and betrayal. This is the life story of April Hale. (This story WILL be a series!) =D


3. Meeting Payne

I was walking on the streets, and a flyer blew in my face. Being the middle of summer it was pretty windy. I pried the paper off, and read it. Wow, a meet and greet with One Direction! (Note the sarcasm.) I crumpled it up, and threw it in the trash can beside me. I continued my journey to nowhere. "Ugh what am I doing?" I asked myself. "WHY DO YOU FUCKING HATE ME?!" I screamed at the universe. Then the rain came down. Of course. Jeez, my life is like a screwed up movie. And then, to make things worse, I walked into a jackass, and he spilled hot tea all over me. "Watch where you-" Oh. God. Liam Payne was standing there. "Fuck fuck fuck!" I yelled. "You really do hate me." I said, once again to the universe.

"I'm sorry, what?" He asked.

"Ugh nothing... Um sorry." I said before pushing past him.

"It was nice to-" he started.

"Yeah, sure!" I yelled at him, feeling no remorse. I hated people like him. Always feeling bad for themselves, even though they have a home, food, and a bed. I'm homeless. I fuck strangers, just to live. And he thinks he has a bad life. I hated it so much. Little did I know that that wasn't the last time I would run into Mr. Liam Payne. In fact, that was what you could call one in a million...

So yeah. I didn't mean any harm, or hate to Liam, or anybody reading this. I WILL SAY THIS ONE TIME, THIS IS MEANT FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!! All hate WILL be ignored, and deleted. Mkay, bai. :3

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