A Winter Love Story

Angel Topperton is a normal 14 year old girl. Her mother owns a small equestrian centre, in the heart of Snowdelfia. She cares for the other horses, including her seven year old sister’s Welsh section D gelding, Jellybean . But when an emergency horse comes along, will she take her on?


2. The Arrival

About half an hour later, and Jellybean was as clean as he could ever be. His black tobiano coat gleamed, and his mane was surprising thin. Lily plaited his mane, and Angel leaned over the door watching. Lily came out and found Jellybean's tack, leaving it on the door.

The two girls ran to the car park, where they heard the unusual sound of a car pull up. The car had a horse trailer attached, and there was an unusual, unfamiliar whinny. Angel ran over to it, her mum smiled. Lily went back to preparing Jellybean.

Her mum got out of the car and hugged Angel. They both walked around the back of the horse trailer. At first thought Angel thought she was gorgeous, maybe about fifteen hands high.

"This is Tinsel" announced her mum. Angel instantly knew that she would have called her that, partly because of her mane. "No one really knows what breed she is, but as you can see, she has a dapple grey coat". 

Tinsel was getting slightly annoyed. She could hear Angel and her mum discussing about her, and she was still stuck in a horse box, and she was starting to get claustrophobic. She gave out a huge whinny, before flattening her ears.

Angel took down the door at the back. Tinsel's ears popped back up. Then she walked in and carefully led her out. "You can lead her to the main paddock, it has been an hours drive and she does like to have a bit of a canter and jump!" her mum said. Angel led her down to the paddock, and her mum watched, before grabbing some food and following.

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