In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


64. Together?

Lucy's P.O.V

I pulled away from the kiss. I saw him smiling really wide which made me giggle. I started playing with his hair while he rubbed my waist with his thumb. "you know I liked you a lot ever since I met you" he stated staring at me. "Really?" I blushed and he nodded. I can't believe it. "Well, I like you too" I said which made him smile wide again. I hid my face in his chest while he played with my hair. "So will you be mine babe?" He asked. "Only if you'll be mine" I replied giggling. "Yes! I will be yours!" He said almost jumping on the bed which made me laugh.

We cuddled for awhile. I saw Harry pulling out his phone from his pocket. He turned it on and smirked. "what?" I asked. "Looks like I'll be staying the night" he said and I smiled. "That's great babe" I said and he nodded. "What do you wanna do?" He asked. "Let's order pizza and watch movies" I shrugged. "That's a nice plan" he said and called for room service while I selected some movies.

Alex's P.O.V

I texted Harry saying that I'm staying in niall's and his room tonight. I got up and went to the coffee machine. Niall was still asleep. I was making some coffee for us when I felt two arms wrap around my waist. I smiled but didn't say anything. I waited for the coffee. I don't know why it's taking so much time. Niall kissed my shoulder then my neck. I tried so hard not to moan but when he found my sweet spot , a moan escaped my lips. I could feel him smirk.

He sucked on my neck which made me moan 3 times already. He unbuckled my jeans and made his way down to my clit. I stopped his hand "oh you know you want to baby" he said and continued "I know you'll go in the washroom and touch yourself but I can make you feel way better baby." Oh god it's true that I want him and it's also true that I'll touch myself. His hand made it to my clit and he rubbed me gently. I kept moaning his name. He then put his hand in my underwear and fingered me."Niall" I whispered. "Hmm?" "I love you Niall" I moaned. "I love you too"

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