In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


76. Plane Ride

Alex's P.O.V

I sat next to this blonde girl and pulled out my phone, I kept looking at photos that Niall and I took together. "Who's he?" I heard the girl say. "My boyfriend" I replied and looked at her. "Long distance relationship eh?What's your name?" She asked. "I'm Alex" I replied and looked around. "Oh I'm Holly, nice to meet you" "you too".

-----------5 hrs later-----------

I woke up because holly shook me. "What?" "We just landed" she told me and I got up and walked out of the plane. I went inside the airport and got my luggage. I found Lucy and Harry hugging while waiting for their bags. Awww they are so cute together.

"Hey guys" I said trying to get their attention. "Hey" Lucy said tiredly. "Let's go the cab is waiting for us" Harry said and we nodded as we walked to the cab. We got in and then the driver drove us to the college. I got out and took my bag. "Woah this college is huge" I blurted out while staring at the huge building. Lucy got out and nodded."it is huge" she said and Harry giggled.

We all got our stuff and walked inside the building then we went to the office. "Excuse me" I said to get the lady's attention who was sitting at her desk."yes?" She smiled. "Ummm yeah we're the new students, I talked to Ms.Sylvester yesterday, she said that we'll get our schedule and stuff today" Lucy explained. "Oh yes, nice to meet you guys, I'm Ms.Sylvester. Give me a second and I'll get your schedule and dorm number" she said and went inside her office, she came back after few minutes later with some papers. "Here" she handed us our schedule. "And you will know who is your roommate once you get to your room, and some ppl may have 3 roommates living together so don't freak out" she explained and we nodded. "Thank you" I said and walked out in the hallways. "Okay so let's go" I said. "Hey let's all go to our dorms then we'll meet up right infront of Starbucks in 10 mins" Harry said and we agreed.

I looked at my paper and saw that my room number is 234. I walked around looking for it. Finally, I found the room and walked in. I saw 2 girls talking. Woah is that Lucy? "Lucy?" "Alex? What are you doing here?" She asked and I smiled big. "We are roommates" I laughed and hugged her tight. She laughed too and hugged me back."it's been so long" "it's only been 10 mins Alex" she laughed. I pulled away when I heard a girl clear her throat. I turned to face her only to see Holly. Oh god no. "Hey Alex" she said and I just waved. "Wait you guys know eachother?" Lucy asked. "Yeah I sat next to her on the plane" I explained and holly nodded.

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