In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


58. Permission

Lucy's P.O.V

I hope my parents allow me to go on that trip. I really really wanna go. I think Harry is coming too. Sometimes I catch myself staring at him in class. It's so hard not to pay attention at him , I mean his curly hair, green eyes are so attractive. Oh fuck no Lucy!! You can't like Harry!! Just no!! He probably has a girlfriend or he probably won't like you back. I was pulled out of my thoughts when Harry laid his hand on mine. I blushed and looked at him, he was looking at the road ahead. Right now, he's coming with me to my house because he's gonna help me convince my parents.

He parked the car,got out, I was about to open the door but Harry beat me to it. He opened the door like he always does. "What a gentlemen" I smiled and he kissed my cheek making me blush. My dad was standing in the driveway, looking at us. He's cool with me hanging out with guys. That's cool. But, I just hope he doesn't say anything embarrassing to Harry. We walked to him. "Hey dad, how are ya? This is Harry Styles" I introduced him. "Hello sir, nice to meet you" Harry said confidently and put his hand forward for dad to shake it. "Hello son" dad replied smiling, he shook his hand and pulled him in a hug. We all laughed. Oh god dad really?

"So uh dad? Can I go to Paris? I mean it's a school can I go?" I asked him nervously and I saw Harry cross his fingers. "Is it free?" My dad asked and I nodded. "You can go then, as long as I don't have to pay" he said making us laugh. He's always like that. "Yay!!! Thanks dad" I hugged him tight and he hugged me back. "Welcome baby girl, So when is this trip?" He asked. "Um next week" I replied getting really excited. "Okay then. I hope you have fun" he said. I smiled. "Uh Lucy, I have to go for work now, will you be ok alone?" He asked me.."yeah dad, you go" I assured him. He looked at Harry "you can stay here tonight if you want Harry" he said. Harry head shot up. "Really?" "Yes really! And on my way home, I'll pick up Chinese or pizza" he told us. "It was nice meeting you Harry, bye guys" he said while kissing my forehead. "You too sir and bye" Harry said. "Bye" I waved goodbye as he made his way to his car and drove off.

Alex's P.O.V

Niall is still not talking to me. Right now I'm in his class because of the stupid ass detention. He's not here yet. Few minutes later, he came in laughing with a student. He saw me and said "oh hey Alex, this is Emma, she's a new student here" he said smiling. I looked at him, then at her and smiled. "Hey Emma" I said trying to stay calm. "Hey Alex" she smiled. "So uh Ni- uhh I mean Mr.Horan, why is she here? The school ended few minutes ago" i asked him. "Oh she's principal's daughter, so she asked me to keep her here for a few minutes" he explained. Then after few minutes Jacob walked in. "Heyy why is he here? I thought he got LUNCH detention." I whined and I heard Jacob chuckle, he then sat right beside me. "Well he did something in my other class, so that's why" Niall said. Emma was close to Niall and he wasn't even keeping distance. She kept flirting and he kept smiling. Ugh. I gotta do something. "Hey Jacob are you single?" I asked him and Niall looked at me weird. "Uh yeah why?" He said smiling a bit. I smirked. "Hey Emma, have you met Jacob? You can call him Jake tho." I said and Jacob looked at me weird. Then he looked at Emma and smiled wide. Emma came over to him and they started talking. Niall looked at me and smiled, I walked over to him,sat by him. "I need help with the math homework" I said. He looked at me and nodded. I took out my homework, he helped me with one problem and others I had to do it by myself. I was doing it when I felt an arm wrap around my waist. I smiled and kept doing my work knowing that it was Niall. He pulled me closer and rubbed my waist with his thumb.

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