In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


99. Period

One month later


Alex's P.O.V

It's 10pm, Niall texted me saying that he would be late today. I sighed because I really wanted to just lay down and cuddle. I just orders 2 large pizzas because I couldn't just stand there and cook today, my whole body is hurting because of my stupid period.

I groaned as I walked up the stairs and into our room, I laid down with heating pad resting on my stomach. I get the worst cramps ever. I already took my painkillers, It still didn't kick in. I covered myself with my blanket and watched some T.V. I tried to take my mind off of the pain but it was getting harder as the minutes passed.

I heard the door open knowing it's Niall. "Honey! Where are you baby?!" He shouted tiredly , I could hear him walk up the stairs. I just kept my eyes closed. "Babe?" He came closer and I felt him sit beside me and he took my hand.

"Babe are you ok?" He touched my cheek and felt my forehead as I shook my head "I'm in pain... It's just period pain. Nothing serious babe" I said weakly as I opened my eyes slowly to see his beautiful face , I blushed and caressed his cheek which made him smile "aw babe you rest then and I'll cook dinner" he said while rubbing my belly which felt good "I already ordered pizza babe" I sighed and looked at him. He nodded and got up untying his tie, then he took his clothes off and went in the bathroom, I heard the water running, he must be taking a shower.

I slowly got off the bed, took my clothes off and walked to the bathroom and got in the shower with him, I hugged him from behind so that he notices me. "Hey baby" he put his hands on mine. "Hey" I whispered as the warm water hit against us. I didn't want to talk because of the pain, he turned around so my head was against his chest. He held me close as he sang to me in the shower.

Authors Note: sorry for not updating.. I know this chapter is not the best but I was really busy, I'm sorry. 


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