In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


73. Period -.-

Harry's P.O.V

I ran to the door when the bell rang. "Gosh I'm coming!!" I shouted and opened the door to reveal Lucy and Alex "oh hey girls" I said and they just said 'hey' with a sigh. "What's wrong?" I asked and looked at Lucy. "Can we come in?" Lucy asked and I nodded. I stepped aside so they could come in then I closed the door behind them.

"So tell me what happened to you two" I said while hugging Lucy and Alex went and sat on the couch. "Lucy's tummy hurts and so does mine" she said and I looked at Lucy."aww what happened?" I asked earning a groan from her. "That time of the month again?" I asked and they nodded. "Okay so babe go sit down and I'll be back in a sec" I said and went inside the kitchen, I took some ice cream and walked to Lucy, I sat by her and gave her the ice cream "thanks babe" she smiled and ate happily.

"Heyyyyy! That's not very nice, what bout me?" I heard Alex whine. "Go get your boyfriend or should I say fiancée and get him to take care for you" I said and ran to the door again because the door bell rang again. "Gosh people" I said and opened the door.

Alex's P.O.V

"Meanie!!" I whined as Harry opened the door. I could hear two people talking but couldn't figure out what they were talking about. One of the person was harry, that I know for sure but who the fuck rang the bell?

After a few minutes I felt someone sit beside me, I looked at my side and saw that it was Niall. "Heyyyy" I said while hugging him tight. He giggled and hugged me tight."hey princess" he said as he kissed my cheek. "So, a little birdie told me that someone is not feeling well" he said while I nodded. I was still hugging him. "Period?" He asked and I nodded again. "Awww baby, does it hurt that bad?" He asked again and I nodded...again.

He bent down,lifted my shirt halfway up and kissed my stomach. I giggled and put my hand in his hair. He kissed me all over my stomach. "Better?" He asked ,"yeah so much better babe, thanks" I told him and laid down on the couch.Niall gave me a little body massage then he cuddled with me. "Thanks babe for the massage" "anytime princess,now babe get some rest ok?" He said and I nodded. I fell asleep to Niall singing 'all of me' by John Legend.

Harry's P.O.V

I called Niall because I knew that Alex was gonna be a big pain. Right now, Lucy is feeling way better than before. "Hey babe wanna go for a walk?" I asked and she nodded. She got up and walked out of the house, I got up and followed her actions. I took her hand and started walking to a park. "Babe Arsenal Or Chelsea?" I asked her, "Arsenal" she replied and I got all excited. "Yay!" I shouted which made her laugh. I was trying to keep her busy so that she doesn't pay attention to her pain. I pulled her close by her waist and kissed her softly. She kissed me back smiling then slowly pulled away. "Thank you" was all she whispered before hugging me tightly.

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