In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


70. I love you

Lucy's P.O.V

Harry and I decided to skip school today. He went back to sleep but I couldn't even close my eyes, so I kept staring at him. After 5 mins or so I got bored so I decided to go downstairs and cook.

I started making waffles for us. "Lucy baby!!! Where are you!?!" Harry whined. "Babe I'm downstairs" i said giggling, "come to me" he whined again. So I went upstairs with the food. "Hey Baby" he said and came to hug me. "Baby here I made some waffles for us" I said smiling. "Thanks babe" he said while kissing my neck which made me moan a lil. He took the plate and put on a coffee table.

He pulled me close to him by my waist, still kissing my neck. "Babe harry" I moaned, "I love you" he said and kissed me, I kissed back softly.

Alex's P.O.V

I was sitting on my bed when Steve came in and grabbed me by my hair and dragged me downstairs. "Ouch pls dad leave me" "shut up bitch!" He growled.

He kicked me in the stomach and kept punching me hard. I can't take this anymore. Tears made my vision blurry. I won't let him do this to me ever again, I somehow lifted my leg and kicked him in the balls. "Ahhh bitch" he fell down, I tried to run to the kitchen but he grabbed my ankle, luckily I didn't fall. But, he didn't leave his grip around my ankle. I dragged myself to the kitchen, opened a drawer and pulled out the gun. I pointed the gun at him but he got up and took the gun and pointed at me. I couldn't even call the police because Steve broke my phone. He pulled the trigger , I just closed my eyes, waiting him to just shoot me. I heard 2 ppl yelling and fighting, I opened my eyes and saw Niall on top of Steve. "Niall" I whispered and ran to him, I didn't hug him or anything, I took his phone and called the police.

The police came and took Steve away. I looked at Niall and hugged him tight"thank you" is all I could say. "Who was that guy?" He asked and i told him everything about 'my dad'. "Why didn't you tell me before?" He asked and I just shrugged my shoulders. "Babe, your moving in with me because I don't want you stay alone anymore" he said and I just hugged him tighter "I Love you" "I love you too princess" he picked me up and set me in his car.

AN: sorry for the bad chapter.

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