In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


25. Hospital

Niall's P.O.V

I finally reached the hospital. I got out of the car and ran inside the hospital. I reached the front desk. "Uh miss in which room Alex Brooks is in? I asked impatiently , "who are you? I'm sorry I can only give information to anyone related to her" she said ,that just set me off "IM HER BOYFRIEND!!!!" I said ,"okay calm down sir, she's in room 304" she replied and I didn't even thank her , I didn't have time . I ran to the third floor and went to her room. I slowly opened the door and saw her lying there unconscious. She looks pretty even though she has scars all over her body. I wish I was with her when this accident happened. I walked over to her and sat on the chair that was next to her bed and held her hand tightly . "Please wake up princess pls " I said and kissed her hand. Few moments later , the doctor came in and signalled me to come out of the room. I came out. "Yes?" "Well you must be Niall , well she's in a terrible condition , so she has to stay here for a few months. So yeah I'll keep checking on her. So she's in good hands , don't worry" the doctor said and walked away. Omg she will be here for a few months. I went to the doc, "excuse me doc ,when will she wake up?" I asked. "Oh she will be awake in a few hours , don't worry " he said and I walked back to her room , closed the door softly and walked to the chair that is beside her bed. I held her hand and kissed her forehead ."pls wake up princess , I need you".

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