In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


38. Explanation

Niall's P.O.V

I don't know why I'm acting weird with Alex. I mean I love her. Since louis started staying with me things between me and Alex. Maybe I should kick him out and stop talking to him but he's my best mate and Eleanor and him are still fighting. But ugh I'm just gonna kick him out. Louis fucking changed me. He was just jealous of me and Alex because we never really fight.

Anyways right now I was with my sister Emily. She's Alex's age. I was holding her hand because she's actually autistic , she looks normal but she's not. Mom told me to take her out so I took her to the music store. Emily and I walked and I saw Alex talking to some people then I realized that she was wearing the uniform. I didn't know that she works here.why didn't she tell me that ? Well maybe she just joined. Alex looked at us then at our hands and she started crying. Oh fuck she thinks I'm dating her. She started to walk away. Ugh I'm so messed up right now. "Alex babe it's not what it looks like" I said running to her. Emily ran with me too. "What? First you ignore me and now this?" She said crying . "Babe I can explain, just give me 1 min to explain" I said begging, a tear fell down my cheek . Wow I never cried for a girl before. She's special. "Just 1 min" she said. "Thank you" I took her hand , she didn't pull away. " I know I've been acting weird and I think it's because of louis, I'm just gonna kick him out , I shouldn't let him change me. He was just jealous of you and me because we never fight, I'm sorry . And this is Emily , she's my sister who lives with me mum , I was holding her hand because she's autistic . She looks normal but she's really not." I explained while the tears stream down my cheeks. "But I thought you only had a brother" she stated. "Yeah he's my biological brother, she's my adopted sister" I explained . "I'm sorry for ignoring you, it's just louis and he fucking changed me" I said . She side hugged me tightly , u hugged her back ."it's ok just don't do it again babe" she said "I won't let anyone to come between us" i said and kissed her.

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