In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


102. Drunk on Jealousy

Alex's P.O.V

Josh and Niall were talking about the school stuff while eating. I was sitting by Niall. He kept kissing my cheek every few minutes which made me blush.

"You sir, have an amazing wife" josh said to Niall. I smiled and looked at Niall.

"Why, thank you josh" he said and pulled me closer and pecked my lips. Then he got up and went to the kitchen leaving me and Josh alone at the table.

"So, how was your day?" He asked me getting closer.

"Pretty good, how was yours?"

"It was nice" he smiled and rested his hand on my knee. I moved away a lil.

"You're very beautiful" he said and moved closer.

"Uh thanks" I faked a smile.

He smiled then moved away.

After that we both talked for a while. I don't know what was taking Niall so long in the kitchen. Josh even apologized for what happened few minutes ago.

Niall's P.O.V

I went into the kitchen watching Josh and Alex getting along. I rolled my eyes and got myself some beer.

I was standing near the living room just watching them. Ugh that prick. I don't know why I'm getting so jealous right now. Ugh, I grabbed another beer bottle, and drank that.

Alex's P.O.V

"I don't know what's taking him so long, I'll go check" I said and walked over to the kitchen and saw Niall moving around, he was so tipsy, then I saw there were 5 bottles of beer sitting on the table. I rolled my eyes and went to him and grabbed his hand.

"Niall, really?" I said and pulled him and dragged him upstairs to our bedroom, I made him lay on the bed and took his shirt off and pants off. I got up and was about to leave the room.

"Where ya going?"


"To Josh? Really why there? Is he more important than me Alex?" He sat up and pouted.

"No Niall, I have to tell him to leave" I rolled my eyes, I walked downstairs.

"Hey Josh? Niall is not feeling well, I'll tell him to call you tomorrow" I said.

"Oh alright" he said and hugged me "have a good one"

"You too" I hugged him and locked the door when he left.

I went upstairs thinking about what happened and realized that Niall was jealous. I chuckled and walked in the room to see Niall dead asleep on the bed. I chuckled and changed into comfy clothes then laid down on the bed next to him.

AN: sorry for the long wait and sorry for the shitty chapter, I'm just really busy, I'm sorry. I'll try to update more often , I promise and I'm sorry again.

Yesterday was my one year anniversary here on movellas. Haha can't believe it's been a year. Thanks for reading my books. I love you and Merry Christmas 🎅🎄😘 I love you. Have a good one😘😄.

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