In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


60. Airport

Lucy's P.O.V

Alex and I didn't have the sleepover because my dad wanted to spend some time with me before I go to Paris for 2 weeks.

Today is Monday again but I'm excited because we're finally going to Paris. Finally!! So, the teachers told us to go straight to the airport and they will meet us there.

Harry is coming to pick me up. I was eating breakfast when I heard the door bell ring. I slowly got up and went to open it. I saw harry smiling from ear to ear. "Well someone is excited" I said smiling which made him laugh. "Yeah this trip is gonna be great!!" He said while jumping up and down. I laughed at him and said goodbye to my dad. He's a bit sad that I'm going but it's only for 2 weeks.

We got in Harry's car and he drove off. I was just thinking bout stuff when I felt Harry's hand on my thigh, rubbing with his thumb. I looked down at his hand and blushed, then I looked up at him. He just gave me a sweet smile.

We finally got to the airport and saw Alex waiting for other people. I got out and took out my luggage and waited for harry. "harry!! C'mon we're gonna be late" I whined. "Okay okay calm down I'm coming" he said and got out of car and took out his luggage. "Hey wait let me take your bag babe" he said while taking it from me. Aww he's so cute. "No harry it's okay, I can carry it" I said and he shook his head "just give me the bag babe" he said and I sighed in defeat. I gave him the bag and we walked towards Alex. She saw me and screamed which made me screamed. We both laughed and hugged each other. "I'm so excited" she said while clapping her hands. U laughed "me too".

"Gurl I'm hella excited!!! Omg Paris. Shopping would be so fun there!!" Harry squealed while clapping his hands like Alex which made us all laughed.

Alex's P.O.V

Oh gosh harry is so funny. I wonder if he asked Lucy out yet. He thinks he's not "good enough" for her. That's so stupid, I know harry likes her and she likes him. They should date!!! I totally ship them.

I saw Niall coming out of a taxi, woah he looks like a student. He was wearing sweatpants, a tank top and a SnapBack with a sunglasses. He looks so cute. Thank god he's mine.

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