In love with math teacher

Alex is 15 yrs old and just started this school in Ireland
What will happen when she falls in love with her math teacher ?


119. a break

Alex's P.O.V

4 hours and Niall is still not back. He never yelled at me like this before. I should've never asked him that. It's all my fault. I'm sitting in the hotel room, on the bed crying like there's no tomorrow.

I was beginning to think that he won't ever come back. I closed my eyes and was about to fall asleep when I heard two people coming in the hotel room... It was Niall and Louis.

I opened my eyes and sat up. Niall looked at me then looked away.

"Maybe we...need a break" I finally said.

"Us?" Niall asked confused and I nodded.

"I GUESS WE FUCKING DO" he shouted making me jump up a little.

"Niall, calm down man" Louis tried.

I looked down then up at him, grabbed my suitcase which I didn't unpack, grabbed my phone and walked out without saying anything.

I don't know what I'm doing or where I'm going but I know it'll be somewhere far away.

AN: sorry for short chapters and I'm also trying to update regularly:)

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