What will happen to Samantha's and Niall's relationship now that her mum has made up her mind about moving to California?


2. Telling Niall

I jumped in excitement, giving mum a big hug.

"Thank you thank you thank you!"

She laughed, "Don't thank me. Thank Morgan."

"Yeah, I will."

I ran off to my room and jumped on the bed. I was so excited. I could stay with Niall and all my friends. This is amazing. I got changed quickly into some baggy shorts and a singlet and tied my hair into a high bun. I checked myself in the mirror for the last time and nodded. All the excitement from the day finally kicked in. I had just graduated from school. I was staying in New York. I have a perfect boyfriend and a group of friends that mean the world for me. My life is perfect. I ran into the lounge room to see mum still sitting at the table.

"Hey, mum, I'm going to go tell Niall."

She smiled and nodded. I ran out of the apartment and into the elevator when I realised I need money for the bus. I really needed my licence. I ran back to my apartment before the elevator doors came to a close when I heard yelling from my apartment. I stopped in front of the door, listening to the conversation.

"Don't call here ever again!" She slammed the phone down.

I opened the door to see mum sitting at the dining table, crying again.

"Mum, what's wrong?"

"W-what? Oh, Samantha, nothing you have to worry about."

She gave me an obvious fake smile. I just nodded, I was too excited for everything to be worrying about mum's drama.

"Why'd you come back?"

"Oh, I, uh, I had to grab money for the bus."

"I'll take you." Mike interrupted.

I pulled the finger at him. Mike, although younger than me, had his licence. He passed his drivers test and I didn't because of my parallel parking. He smiled and chucked his keys in the air and catching them again.

"I'll just grab Troy because it's his car."

I laughed, although he had his licence, mum still hadn't bought him a car.


"Thanks Mike. But next time you pick on me for not having my licence, just remember, you still have one year of school left." I jumped out of the car and gave Mike a smile.

"Bye!" I called out behind me.

I walked to the door and knocked excitedly.

"Hold your horses!" Louis called through the door.

He opened it and was obviously excited to see me. He picked me up and spun me around in the air. He was obviously excited too. I laughed as he put me down. We looked at each other, smiling. I gave him a tight hug and he gave me one back. We were there for what felt like forever until we finally let go.

"Please tell me you're here to tell Niall you're staying."

I was too excited that no words came out, I just gave him a wide smile.

"What?! Sammy that's amazing!"

We gave each other another hug before I heard someones throat clear. I opened my eyes to see Shay standing in the hall, arms crossed over her chest. I got out of Louis's grip and gave Shay a hug. At first, she didn't know what to do. But then she wrapped her arms around me.

"Why are you so happy?" She whispered to me.

"I'm staying."

She let go of me and grabbed my hands. She started to jump up and down and I jumped with her.

"This is amazing!"

We stopped jumping and I turned to Louis.

"Where's Niall?"

"In his room. He's locked himself in there."

I ran up the stairs and knocked on his door.

"Who is it?"

"It's Morgan Freeman." I joked.

I could hear Niall running around in his room before he opened it. I gave him a massive hug and a kiss.


"I'm staying." I smiled.

His eyes widened as he picked me up and put me around his waist. I wrapped my legs around his back and he closed his door.


"I don't think you've ever screamed so loud. Louis and Shay could probably hear my name being called from our recording studio."

I shoved his shoulder and stood up, using his sheet as a cover for my naked, sweaty body. I picked up my clothes and started to dress myself. I made Niall turn his head. I know, he's seen more than my naked body but I don't like the feeling of someone watching me get changed. I walked back to the bed and gave Niall a kiss on the cheek.

"Does that mean I can open my eyes?"

I lied down on his bare chest and ran my fingers down his toned torso. He opened his eyes and looked at me.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

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